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As an emergent discipline, Indigenous Studies is still in a formative stage. During its foundational era, Indigenous Studies has drawn heavily on a number of long-established disciplines, in particular Anthropology and History, and it has only just begun to take shape as an independent field of study. One sign of this evolution is the increasing number of tenure-track faculty and sessional instructors, who are Native Studies graduates and specialists, as opposed to academics drawn from other fields of scholarship.

From its multi-disciplinary foundation, Indigenous Studies is progressively acquiring an independent and unique basis for its teaching and research. Therefore, Native Studies can no longer be accurately considered simply as prescribed, interdisciplinary program, it is an evolving stand-alone field of enquiry that has, at its core, the sole focus of Aboriginal society and societies. Native Studies is bounded only by the extent of Aboriginal society and societies and not by a parent discipline, or a single methodology or ideology.

Another significant difference between Native Studies and other disciplines, is that other disciplines tend to examine Aboriginal societies exogenously, whereas Native Studies attempts to understand them from within. Native Studies holds that Aboriginal collectivities are unique localised social entities, who to be fully understood need to be considered in a national context and as integral to the global mosaic of Indigenous Peoples.

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