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Geography and Planning

Research the impact of human activities on the environment. Travel to the Czech Republic and discover the country's architecture and history. Learn practical skills in field and laboratory techniques, and remote sensing technology. Get practical experience with Geographic Information Systems. These are just a few opportunities available to you when you choose to major in Geography and Planning at the University of Saskatchewan.

Recent News

John Pomeroy: Snowy Canada Endures Drought, Heat, Fires
posted August 27, 2015
Snowy Canada Endures Drought, Heat, Fires as Planet Gets Warmer John Pomeroy, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change, director of the Centre for Hydrology and a professor...

Glacier Melt and Drought Interviews and Articles with John Pomeroy
posted August 6, 2015
The CBC did a series of interviews on climate change, glacier melt, mountain snowpack and the drought. This was prompted by a pair of articles in Bow Valley papers on research that profiled research...

River Levels bottom Out
posted July 13, 2015
John Pomeroy, a University of Saskatchewan scientist and Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change, says Saskatchewan could be in for a prolonged dry spell, as seen in the low water...

Nation's Urban Planners Gathering to Brainstorm in Saskatoon
posted July 2, 2015
If you happen to notice some 600 people from out of town paying unusually close attention to every nook and cranny of Saskatoon this weekend, don’t worry — they’re just city...

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