Welcome to the Department of Physics & Engineering Physics

Learn about black holes, atmospheric phenomena, new materials, quarks and gluons. Investigate such phenomena as the big bang, quantum mechanical paradoxes and superconductivities. Experiment using telescopes, satellites, radar, tokamaks, synchrotron and particle accelerators. Conduct space weather observations and atmospheric ozone monitoring. These opportunities and more are available to you when you choose to major in Physics at the University of Saskatchewan.

The Physics and Engineering Physics department at the University of Saskatchewan draws students from around the world, with their unique facilities, a rich history, and strong sense of community.

Accomplished, approachable professors and cutting edge research facilities draw undergrads, masters and Ph.D. students here. The four main research themes are Plasma Physics, Subatomic Physics, Space and Atmospheric Science, and Condensed Matter & Material Science. U of S combines world class labs like the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, with a supportive community of scientists, set on one of Canada’s most beautiful campuses.

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