Chinese study abroad

Students of Chinese get the opportunity to experience China on the move, past and present, while enriching their Chinese language skills. With this program, students will discover Taiwan; the Jiangnan region of China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou).

Some of the many highlights of this program include:

  • Visiting sites of rich cultural heritage in 6+ precious Chinese cities;
  • Experiencing why China is the land of tea;
  • Visiting the Palace Museum in Taipei (China’s greatest treasures);
  • Visiting the most popular night markets in Asia;
  • Visiting the gardens and canals in Hangzhou & Suzhou;
  • Coming face to face with China past and present, on the move!

Partner universities:

For more information regarding these exchange programs, feel free to contact Chinese instructor Eleanor Shia: 
Murray Bldg 262
306 966-5125