Spanish Undergraduate Studies

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Dr. Julio-Torres-Recinos
ARTS 412
306 966-5681

Our department offers a Minor as well as a Recognition in Spanish. We offer instruction in Spanish language and literature, both in the original and in translation, and courses in the civilization and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.


Spanish Certificate

Students who wish to complete a Certificate in Spanish have the possibility to do a Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture.

Certificate in Spanish Language and Culture

Goals: Express yourself in Spanish, understand texts and conversations on a variety of topics, develop coherent and well-structured arguments, gain a better knowledge of the Hispanic community in Canada and Hispanic cultures around the world.


Option 1 (18 cu): SPAN 114.3 and 117.3, 214.3 and 217.3, 314.3 and 317.3.

Option 2 (18 cu): SPAN 214.3 and 217.3, 314.3 and 317.3 + 6 cu from 235.3, 250.3, 275, 298.3, 335.3, 375.3, 385.3, 398.3.