French Undergraduate Studies

Contact information

Department Head

Dr. Marie-Diane Clarke
 ARTS 415
 306 966-5645

French Coordinator & Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Romain Chareyron
 ARTS 422
 306 966-2782

Students of French are presented with a broad range of courses and programs in our department. Students can choose to do:

  • a 3-Year B.A.,
  • a 4-Year B.A.,
  • an Honours B.A. in French,
  • a French Double Honours B.A.,
  • a French Minor,
  • a French Language Recognition.

Our French curriculum is wide-ranging, including:

  • language courses (Beginners’ to Advanced);
  • literature courses (from the 17th to the 20th century);
  • courses in Quebec literature and theatre;
  • courses in Western Canadian Francophone literature and theatre;
  • French and Francophone cinema;
  • translation studies;
  • French civilization;
  • linguistics


French Certificates

Students who wish to complete a Certificate in French can choose from the following options.

Certificate in Intermediate French Language and Culture

Goals: Express yourself in French, understand texts and conversations on different subjects, develop coherent arguments, and gain a better understanding of the richness and diversity of Francophone cultures in Canada and around the world.

Requirements15 cu: FREN 122.3 and 125.3 + 9 cu from 200-level courses (excluding FREN 212.3 and 128.3).

Certificate in Advanced French Language and Culture

Goals: Speak French fluently, understand and express complex ideas for social, academic, and professional purposes, learn how to write in a clear and well-structured manner, and understand the diversity and richness of Francophone cultures in Canada and around the world through the analysis of complex texts and films.

Requirements: 15 cu: FREN 212.3 and 218.3 + 9 cu from courses at the 300 and 400-level.

French-English Translation Certificate

Goals: Acquire the skills necessary to take a professional translation certification exam administered by ATIS, the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Saskatchewan.


Option 1 (18 cu) - For students who completed High School Core French:  FREN 122.3 and 125.3, 212.3, 213.3 or 214.3, 314.3, 305.3 or Linguistics 230.3 (Aspects of Translation Theories and Practice).

Option 2 (18 cu) - For students who are bilingual / completed High School French Immersion: FREN 212.3, 213.3 and 214.3, 305.3 or Linguistics 230.3 (Aspects of Translation Theories and Practice), 314.3, 218.3 or 312.3.

French Placement Test

An online placement test is available for students who wish to enroll in a French class but are unsure which level is best suited to them.

To take the placement test, students should contact Dr Romain Chareyron or Dr Marie-Diane Clarke. Alternatively, students may contact any of the French instructors to request access to the placement test.