Study Abroad Opportunities

Spanish Study Term Abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico

Students of Spanish are encouraged to consider participating in a one-term study abroad opportunity at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico organized by CECM (formerly CEPE.) Students who have participated in this program speak very highly of their experience. 

  • Location: Students live with a Mexican family and improve their Spanish while studying in Guadalajara, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.
  • Eligibility: Participants need to have 9 credit units of Spanish prior to their departure to be eligible for this program.
  • Program: Students take senior level Spanish courses in language and culture in Term 2
  • Cost: Program cost is approximately $3,000, which includes CECM Tuition Fees, Room and board for approximately 10-12 weeks, and CECM Registration fees. This is in addition to the U of S tuition fees for that term.
  • Duration: Participants study at CECM from January to April (approximately 10-12 weeks.)
  • Applications and Deadlines: Students may begin applying for the program in the fall and application deadline is February 1.

For more information regarding these exchange programs, feel free to contact Pr Julio Torres:
ARTS 412
306 966-5681

You can also contact the program coordinator for details on applying.

For further information and for the application form, please click here.