Study abroad experiences are one of the most exciting, interesting and efficient ways to learn a language. Such experiences are often life changing for many individuals and their impact on many students’ lives can be considerable. Students frequently experience an exhilarating widening of their intellectual and social horizons through immersion in a new culture and their contact with the people who inhabit it and who have spoken the language since birth. It has been often said that people don’t really understand their own culture until they are fully immersed into a new one since it is at that time that one fully grasps the full extent of the arbitrary nature of one’s society’s collective customs, ways of thinking, cultural priorities and values. It is at such times that one becomes aware of the world’s cultural diversity and the full concrete impact of the word “culture” in one’s daily life.

It is not uncommon for students to opt for a language major after such an experience and many of our students have launched their professional careers and personal lives in cultural settings beyond the English world as a result of their language studies either here or abroad and the personal contacts with individuals from other cultures which their education experience has facilitated. Many of our former students now live and work in non-English speaking countries and environments such as France, Belgium, Quebec, Germany and South America. For many students, it is on the streets of these environments, where they interact with native speakers in their daily lives, that a language suddenly comes alive. Most students who return to continue their language programs after a study-abroad or immersion experience will find that their fluency and command of the language has greatly increased within a short period of time and will enjoy greater self-confidence in their language courses. Our department strongly encourages students of Spanish to complement their language studies at the University of Saskatchewan with participation in a study abroad or immersion program and it recommends the following option:

Spanish Study Term Abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico

Students of Spanish are encouraged to consider participating in a one-term study abroad opportunity at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico organized by CECM (formerly CEPE.) Students who have participated in this program speak very highly of their experience. 

  • Location: Students live with a Mexican family and improve their Spanish while studying in Guadalajara, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.
  • Eligibility: Participants need to have 9 credit units of Spanish prior to their departure to be eligible for this program.
  • Program: Students take senior level Spanish courses in language and culture in Term 2
  • Cost: Program cost is approximately $3,000, which includes CECM Tuition Fees, Room and board for approximately 10-12 weeks, and CECM Registration fees. This is in addition to the U of S tuition fees for that term.
  • Duration: Participants study at CECM from January to April (approximately 10-12 weeks.)
  • Applications and Deadlines: Students may begin applying for the program in the fall and application deadline is February 1.
  • Contact: Prof. Julio Torres at  for further information on the program and Program Coordinator at  for details on applying.

For further information and for the application form, please click here.