Graduate Supervisors

Dr. H. Biahé ManfouoTranslation studies; Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Pragmatics; Language Policy; Postcolianism, Literary Heteroglosia

Dr. R. Chareyron: Gender and sexuality in French cinema; the representation of disability in French cinema; the representation of youth in contemporary French and Francophone cinema; film genre

Dr. M.-D. ClarkeChild narratives; 20th century women writers of France and Quebec; Quebec theatre and poetry; Western Canadian theatre and fiction

Dr. H. da Silva20th century novels of France and Quebec; Women authors and gender studies; literature and philosophy of socio-political and intellectual revolutions of 20th Century France and Quebec, and 18th Century France; contemporary literary theory; cinema

Dr. Tania Duclos: Romans français du 19e siècle (Balzac, Sand, Gautier);Intertextualité et intratextualité; Représentations de la femme de lettres; Projet Balzac et le monde anglophone 

Dr. S. Spriet: Contemporary literary criticism; French theatre of the 17th, 18th and 20th centuries; mise-en-scène and theatrical staging; women’s studies

Dr. A.-M. Wheeler: Translation studies; translation theory; literary theory; contemporary literary criticism; women writers; cinema