Graduate Course Work

For more information check the Course and Program Catalogue. Not all courses described in the Course and Program Catalogue are offered each year.

M.A. course work

M.A. courses take the form of seminars. Students are required to attain a minimum of 70% in order to pass a graduate course. Students who fail a course must take another course as a replacement for the failed course but the initial mark will still count towards the student’s average. All students must maintain a general average above 60 per cent. Students who fail more than two courses will be asked to withdraw from the M.A. program.

Graduate students may apply to the Graduate Committee to take one or two courses, up to an equivalent of six credit units, in another department. Such an application must include a letter indicating the particular value of these courses to the program or to the thesis. Under the Western Dean's Agreement, a student in the French program at this University may also register in a graduate course, up to an equivalent of six credit units, at another Western Canadian university.

The experience of intellectual debate provided by seminars is vital to graduate study. Course work in French graduate degrees is intended to give students an opportunity to experience a variety of approaches at the graduate level, and should not focus exclusively on one area of specialization.

However, in exceptional cases, where the list of seminars offered by the French section does not provide the opportunity for a student to pursue studies in a particular area or to complete the requirements of the M.A. program, a student may propose a reading course arranged between the student and a faculty member. Reading courses will be recommended for approval only under exceptional circumstances, and then only if the list of seminars offered cannot possibly satisfy the needs of the student.

Students may take a maximum of six credit units of reading courses. Students wishing to request a reading course should consult the French Graduate Chair and identify a member of the French faculty who is willing to serve as the instructor of the reading course.

When browsing our course offerings in French, look for the 800/900-listed courses that correspond to graduate studies.

Please note that all graduate students must complete 5 credited courses as well as GPS 960.0 and GPS 961.0.

GPS 960.0 is a self-directed online ethics course that ALL graduate students must register in the first term that they start their program (usually fall term), or at least within the first year. 

GPS 961.0 is required as well, ONLY if their research involves human subjects.