Lab Booking Technical


When mailing to make a lab booking, please include the name and contact information for the person in charge of technical details for your event/class, or the primary event contact person if no technical co-ordinator exists. Our staff can then contact the technical co-ordinator to handle the details described below. This will help ensure that the event/class runs as smoothly as possible.


All attendants will need to have accounts for logging into the Arts & Science Computer Labs. If ALL people who will need access are UofS faculty, staff, and/or students, they may already have accounts in the Arts & Science computer lab network. Otherwise, we will probably want to use temporary "demo" accounts which we have setup for this sort of event. Please note, "demo" accounts do not have the ability to print, and no printing credits can be added to these accounts.

Software/Data Files:

We will need to know exactly what software will be used in the presentation/demonstration. We may or may not have all of this software installed currently. A minimum of two week's notice is required to guarantee that we have time to get any needed software installed and tested. All software being used on the Arts & Science computers MUST be licensed, as per University of Saskatchewan policies. This means that software (or at least temporary licenses) may need to be purchased. We must also be made aware of any data files which are going to be needed by attendants. Any files that needed to be used by all attendants, should either be available on the Internet, or can be placed on a shared network drive by Arts & Science IT staff given enough notice.

Storage/File Space:

Every one of our accounts (including our "demo" accounts) have 250MB of space available by default. This space is available to users on drive H: (a network mapped drive), and is also pointed to by the 'My Documents' folder in Windows XP when they login. Any files used in a "demo" account should be considered temporary, as they will be cleared when the account is done being used. Files in regular "user" accounts are only removed if the person leaves the University and the account is expired. Files should never be stored on the C: drive if they are intended to be accessed later. All computers in the Arts & Science computer lab system periodically "rebuild" themselves upon a user logging out. This will remove files which are not part of a standard lab build.

IT Support

Current Computer Availability

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