Past CMRS Colloquia

The CMRS Colloquium is a monthly talk presented to the members of the CMRS community and open to all.

Here is a list of past CMRS colloquia.


Ann DeVito, History, CMRS Fellow
"Tiro and Cicero: A Look at the Relationship between a Freedman and his Patron"

Tracene Harvey, Museum of Antiquities
"Livia as 'Femina Princeps' and Her Exceptional Numismatic Accolades"

Christine Mitchell, St Andrew's College
"Reading a Scroll from an Ancient Library: A Case from Persian-period Egypt"


Kirsten Inglis, University of Alberta
"Translation and Authority in Early Modern Emblem Books: Esther Inglis’s Emblemes Chrestiens"

Karin S. Tate, History, CMRS Fellow
"Constructing Identity: Women, Public Building, and Ummidia Quadratilla’s Entertainment Complex at Roman Casinum"

Students of HIST 308
"Living in the Ancient Roman City: Space, Religion, Dangers"

Dominik Wujastyk, University of Alberta
"From Collation to Edition: One Small Step, One Giant Leap"

Lisa Fagin Davis, Medieval Academy
"Scattered Leaves and Virtual Manuscripts: The Promise of Digital Fragmentology"


Peter Robinson, English
"Textual Communities: or, Everyone an Editor"

Christopher Hrynkow, STM Religion and Culture
"Yes Preaching to the Birds!: Clare and Francis of Assisi as Wellsprings of Socio-Ecological Wisdom"

Tina Greenfield, STM Archaeology, CMRS Fellow
"Dining with the Assyrians: cuisine, consumption, and sacrifice at Ziyaret Tepe"

Students of CMRS 499
"Raiders of the Ark(ive): Coins in Collections of Curiosities"

Jeanne Shami and Anne James, University of Regina
"Searching for Early Modern Sermons in the Archives: An introduction to GEMMS"

Kendall Bitner, CMRS MA
"Uterque Lingua: Ælfric of Eynsham and the First English Grammar"


Daniel Price, STM        
"God Hovering Over the Waters: Extended Corporeality in the Holy Tears of Genoveve of Paris"

John Kitchen, University of Alberta
"The Beautiful Dead: Holy Corpses in Gregory of Tours"

Darren Dahl, Religion and Culture (STM), CMRS Fellow
"Gadamer’s Inner Word: Language in Augustine, Aquinas, and Nicholas of Cusa"

Courtnay Konshuh, History (STM), CMRS Fellow
"Writing English Identity: Anglo-Saxon books and the formation of an English kingdom in the tenth century"

HIST 308 Students
"Ancient Rome through Modern Eyes"

David Porreca, University of Waterloo
"Social History Through the Lens of an Astral Grimoire — Tales from the Picatrix"


Students in John Porter's CMRS 110, "Greco-Roman Tradition, Evolution and Reception"
Book launch of "Homer Through Other Eyes: Perspectives on the Iliad"

Rita Banerjee, Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
"Seventeenth-Century English Representations of India, Ethnography, and Enlightenment Thoughts"

George A. Keyworth, Religious Studies
"What can medieval manuscripts from the Mogao caves, Matsuo shrine, and Nanatsu-dera tell us about canons, apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, and textual criticism in the digital age?"

Francesco Freddolini, Luther College, University of Regina
"Fashioning the Uomini Nuovi: Display and Courtly Identity in Florence, c. 1587-1621"

Daniel Regnier, Philosophy (STM)
"Plotinus' Psychology in the Islamic World: Imagination in the (pseudonymous) Theology of Aristotle"

Courtney Tuck, Christina Fowlie-Neufeld, John Lozinsky, Helanna Miazga
"Undergraduates doing research in CMRS"

Yin Liu, English
"Reading With Spaces in Early Medieval England"


Amie Shirkie, CMRS fellow
“Educating “new Schollers in the Schoole of Christianitie”: the Communication Circuit of the Devotional Handbook”
Zachary Yuzwa, History (STM)
“Learning by Example: Roman Modes of Exemplarity in the Christian Literature of Late Antiquity”

Charlie Peters (director) and featuring Kelly McTaggart, Kelsey Benson, Kerry Ann Brosnan, Lauren Younghusband, and Phil Munson
Scenes from Aristophanes’ Lysistrata

Tracene Harvey, Museum of Antiquities
“The Museum of Antiquities as a Cast Collection”

Students of CMRS 499: Coins in Early Modern Collections of Curiosities UK Study Abroad Course, Summer 2014
“What We Found in the Englishman’s Drawers”


Romuald Lakowski, MacEwan University 
“Utopian Warfare and the Mongols: On Medieval Travel Literature and Thomas More’s Utopia

Margriet Haagsma, University of Alberta
“The Kastro of Kallithea in Thessaly, Greece: Regional Economies, Religious Practice, and Identity Formation”

Daniel O’Donnell, University of Lethbridge
“Living Out Loud: The Visionary Cross Project and the Public Humanities”

Moira Day, Drama 
“Treading the Arduous Road to Eleusis — Nationalism and Feminism in Early Post-World War I Canada: Roy Mitchell’s 1920 The Trojan Women

Frank Klaassen, History
 “Modernity and the Origins of Diabolic Magic”

 Roisin Cossar, University of Manitoba 
 “Defining Roles in the Clerical Household in Venice, 1348-1400”


Edith Foster, Ashland College  
“Ancient History and Twenty-First Century Readers"”

Stella Spriet, Languages and Linguistics 
“Performing on the Parisian Stage (1630 - 1680)”

Jordan Olver, CMRS Fellow  
“Thomas Aquinas and Love of Others for Their Own Sake”

John Porter, History 
“Father of the Bride, or How to Concoct Domestic Comedy Out of Sexual Assault”

Arul Kumaran, English (STM)
"Early modern print and courtesy manuals"

Walter Hannam, College of Emmanuel & St. Chad

Bill Arnal, University of Regina
"Drunk on the Words of Jesus: Intellectual Labor and Imposture of Language in the Gospel of Thomas"

Darren Dahl, STM, CMRS Fellow
"The Word Became Flesh: On the Christianization of Hellenism."

Daniel Boyarin, University of California, Berkeley
"The Parting of the Ways Between Messianic (Christian) and Enochian (Rabbinic) Judaism"

Anders Runesson, McMaster University
"Changing the Facts on the Ground: Judaism, Christianity, and the Politics of Religion in Late Antiquity"


Margriet Haagsma, University of Alberta
"The Archaeology of Daily Life: Some Thoughts on How -- and Why -- to Excavate Classical and Hellenistic Greek Houses." 

Simon Lasair, Religion & Culture (STM)
"Theorizing the Historiographical Gap: Toward Writing a New Early Jewish History"

Daniel Regnier, Philosophy (STM)
"Heroism and the Heraclean Soul in Plotinus"

Barbara Bordalejo, CMRS Fellow
"How Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenetic Analysis Help Our Understanding of Textual Traditions"

Peter Robinson, English
"How (Almost) Anyone Can (Almost) Edit"

Leah Sterling, CRC in Roman Archaeology, University of Manitoba
"Dying and Dining in a Roman Cemetery in Leptiminus (Lamta, Tunisia)"


Bob Björk, Arizona Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies
"The Many Guises of Beowulf"

Jeffrey Turco, Purdue University
"Conversion on a Shoestring: On the Typology of Everyday Life in Njáls Saga" 


Meg Twycross, Lancaster University
“Allegory: Static and Dynamic”

Walter Klaassen, History
“Pilgram Marpeck: Mystery and History”

John Moffatt, Graham Centre for the Study of Communication
Ne bidh swylc cwenlic theaw: The Rhetoric of Identification in Beowulf 1931b-1962”

Tracene Harvey, Museum of Antiquities
“Iulia Augusta, Mater et Sacerdos: The Seated Female Figure on Tiberius’ Aes Coinage”

Ryan Topping, Catholic Studies (STM)
“St. Augustine on Liberal Education: Defender and Defensive”

Jon Bath, Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre
“Acronyms Gone Wild: CMRS & the DRC”


Frank Klaassen, History
“Exploration, Demons, Science, & the Disciples of Solomon: The Magic of Humphrey Gilbert”

Maud McInerney, Haverford University
“Amazons in Haute Couture: Translation and Transformation in the Twelfth-Century Troy Story”

Participants in the HIST 298.3 Rome Summer Program: Katrina Bens, Chantal de Medeiros, Becky Littlechilds, Felipe Paredes-Canevari, Nina Thurlow
“Frescoes, Fountains and Fizzy Water: Three Weeks in the Eternal City”

Daniel Regnier, Philosophy (STM)
“Divided Soul, Unified Consciousness: Plotinus’ Theory of the Double Phantasia”

Willi Braun, University of Alberta
“We’ve got the American Jesus: Locating the American Jesus Seminar”

Ryan Pederson, CMRS Fellow
“Instantiating an Ethos: Noble Violence and Chivalric Discourse in Early Modern France”


The Latin Summer Camp Players
Plautus’ Pot of Gold
Performance in Latin, with English surtitles

Moira Day, Drama
“From Bell’s Psyche to Euripides’ Trojan Women: Women Preserving ‘the bright torch’ in Wartime on the Canadian Campus, 1914-1920”

Corey Owen, Graham Centre for the Study of Communication
“The Virtue of Patience in the Idiom of Medieval Romance”

Darren Dahl, History (College of Arts & Science), Religious Studies (STM)
“Beyond Truth and Falsehood: Jean-Luc Marion on the Mystical Theology of Dionysius the Areopagite”

Alison Keith, University of Toronto
“Imperial Leisure: Love and Luxury in Roman Poetry”

Rhiannon Purdie, University of St. Andrews
“The Geography of the Middle English Romance”