Culture Days at the MoA

Robin Hood: Man or Myth?

In our first-ever virtual Crafternoon, historical reenactor Kevin Hicks is joining us to teach you the Robin Hood myth like you've never seen before! He'll be debunking some of the common misconceptions about the famed footpad and showing you some authentic medieval tools and tricks of the trade. When you think you know all there is to know about the infamous outlaw, head over to our blog where you can find tutorials for crafts and other activities to round off your marvellously medieval afternoon. 

The Originals: A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

In this fun activity, we're sending kids and parents on a mission to track down the original versions of a few of the famous replicas in our collection! Head over to our blog to download the activity pack. Once you've located an original artefact at the museum where it's currently held, check out the web page and read about the history and significance of the piece, then fill in all of the pages of the activity pack. When you're done with all the activities, you can submit your favourites to the Museum to be featured on our website and social media! Good luck! 

Click here or on the image above to find a link to download the activity sheets!

Crossing Beams: An Intersection of Disciplines

Join us in the exploration of synchrotron science at the Canadian Light Source, and discover its benefits in the study of ancient artifacts. In this video you will be introduced to students and professors who have conducted experiments on artifacts from the Museum’s collection in an effort to gain more information that cannot be obtained by traditional methods of study. 


In the second episode of Crossing Beams, you will hear from scientists at the Canadian Light Source who have been conducting interdisciplinary research using synchrotron technology. Join us, and learn about the incredible research being done in art, anthropology, and archaeology at the CLS!

A Haunted Night at the Museum

In this thrilling series of special video tours of the Museum of Antiquities made in partnership with Culture Days of Saskatchewan, you'll experience the gallery like never before! We'll be focusing on some often-overlooked items from the collection that are more sinister in origin or mythology. Together with a short history of Halloween, viewers will learn some of the more frightful elements of the ancient past! From Assyrian demons to haunted doors, you'll certainly need to sleep with the lights on after this tour of the ghostly side of the Museum of Antiquities! 

In this first installment of the Haunted Night at the Museum series, you will learn about Celtic culture, ancient rituals, and the heritage of one of our most popular modern holidays. Join our host Westin, and start off this Halloween season with a terrifying tour of the past! Be sure to check back here again over the coming week to discover more about the haunting myths, mysteries, and truths of our the ancient world!

Join Westin in this second episode of a Haunted Night at the Museum as he takes you through a tour of some of ancient Egypt's mythic and mysterious burial practices. Tomb guardians, treasures from ancient crypts, and a portal to the afterlife await in this incredible trip into the distant past! Get yourself in the Halloween mood, and find out about the beliefs and spirituality of an ancient culture! Come back next week for another two episodes of this series, in which we will be discussing haunting Assyrian Demons and mighty Greek Gods.
Welcome back for our third episode of A Haunted Night at the Museum! In this episode, you will learn about the supernatural evils that were thought to threaten the people of ancient Assyria! Demons like Pazuzu and Lamashtu were feared and respected, and even had their images adorning talismans designed to ward off evil. Discover the origins of these ancient amulets for yourself, and find out how their appearance inspired one of cinema's most infamous horror films! Get yourself into the spirit of Halloween, and check out the rest of this great series as well!
In this frightful finale of A Haunted Night at the Museum, we take a look at the monstrous myths surrounding some of the Greek gods that dwell within the Museum of Antiquities' gallery. Join us on this virtual tour, which will teach you all about the dark side of gods like Apollo and Aphrodite, who were believed to have the power to destroy the lives of mortals at a whim. Monstrous creatures like Medusa, a journey into the Underworld, and even the dangers of love await! Make sure to watch the other parts of this series, which address the spooky side of other ancient cultures featured within the Museum of Antiquities' collection!