Dr. Tracene Harvey

Director / Curator

College Building 116

About Me: 

Dr. Harvey is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and has her PhD in Classical Archaeology from the University of Alberta.  She became acting director of the Museum of Antiquities in 2008, and became the permanent director in 2009.  Specializing in ancient Greek and Roman coins, she attended the American Numismatics Society Summer Graduate Student Seminar in 2004, and is currently serving as the numismatics specialist for the Kastro Kallithea Archaeological Project in Thessaly Greece, a joint project between the 15th Ephorate of Prehistorical and Classical Antiquities at Larissa, Greece and the University of Alberta.

Brianne Cipywnyk

Collections Assistant

About Me: 

Brianne is in her final year of an honours degree in Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies, with a focus on Classics. She is writing her undergraduate thesis on the characterization of Helen of Troy in the Iliad and the broader context of the epic cycle. After graduation, Brianne plans to attend graduate school, where she will continue to study classical literature and philosophy. Her work at the Museum involves exhibit planning and collections research, particularly related to the Classical Greek portion of the collection. 

Mikayla Coad Epp

Assistant Curator

About Me:

Mikayla is a Masters student in Archaeology at the University of Saskatchewan. Her thesis focuses on the ceramics of the Late Bronze Age -- Iron Age transitional period at the border site of Tel Burna, Israel. She has 3 seasons of field work experience in Israel, which aids her hands-on work with the Museum's pottery. Mikayla has been volunteering at the Museum of Antiquities since 2015, and has been an Assistant Curator working on the pottery collection since 2017. Mikayla's role involves appraising, sorting, storing, cataloguing, and researching the pottery collection. The pottery collection at the Museum consists primarily of fragmentary pottery sherds from Israel and Britain, along with a number of complete original and replica vessels from throughout the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. 

Liam Lane

Archival and Documentations Assistant

About Me: 

Coming soon!

Lydia Sauder

Digital Education and Outreach Programming Coordinator

About me:

Lydia has a bachelor's degree in history, with a focus on Anglo-Saxon and medieval studies, and is currently in her final year of an environmental science degree through the College of Agriculture and Bioresources. She began volunteering at the Museum in 2017 after learning about numismatics during a study abroad course doing research in the Canterbury Cathedral archives. She began volunteering on the numismatics team before taking over the role of Education Coordinator in 2019. For the 2022-2023 season she is the Digital Educational Outreach and Engagement Intern, working on planning and facilitating community outreach events and programming, and improving digital accessibility to the collection. She is also charge of the Ancient & Medieval Adventures Camps and Crafternoons programs, as well as showcasing the Museum’s educational programs at various community events throughout the year.

Carrie Slager

Numismatic Researcher

About Me: 

Carrie is a third year Kinesiology major pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies, and in her final year of a three year Bachelor of Arts in History. Her main areas of interests in history are ancient Rome and ancient Egypt, with a particular interest in political and military history. Carrie began volunteering at the Museum in 2015, and began working with the coin team in 2016. She is now leading the coin team, which primarily involves cataloguing, researching, and photographing the Museum’s ancient coin collection. Her favourite era in the collection is the 3rd century CE crisis years of the Roman Empire.