Relief of Aththaia

Near Eastern (Palmyrene)

replica: by artist Carrie Allen

gift of: the Nasser Family

date of the original: 150-200 AD (Roman Period) 

provenance of the original: Palmyra (Tudmur), Syria; now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

description: Relief bust of a woman adorned with jewelry, touching her draperies with one hand. Inscription at right side. Plaster replica; limestone original. Height 53 cm, width 43 cm, depth 15 cm.

This funerary stele depicts a woman named Aththaia, dressed in a full tunic and long himation which covers her head. Beneath this she wears a headdress and diadem with a string of jewels. She has elaborate earrings, two necklaces, three bracelets, three rings, and a brooch with three pendants. Her attire shows strong eastern influences.

The inscription, in Greek, reads “Aththaia, daughter of Malchos, dear one, farewell.”

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