replica: from the Staatlichen Museen, Berlin 

gift of: Peter and Doris Bietenholz

date of the original: Late Egyptian Period 

provenance of the original: Egypt, now in the Egyptian Museum, Berlin

description: Figurine of a crocodile with a falcon head, representing a union of the deities Sobek and Horus. Plaster replica; green stone original. On base: height 7.5 cm, length 21.75 cm, width 5.25 cm.

The god Horus (see also: Horus as a Falcon) unites in this figurine with the god Sobek, the deified crocodile of Egypt. Sobek represented the fertility of the Nile as well as its dangers; he eventually became a deity of the military. His ambiguous nature made him a distant and untouchable figure.