Inscription & Paintings

Fragment from the Tomb of Horemheb


 replica: from Design Master Facsimiles 

gift of: the Colistro Family, dedicated in memory of Ronald Freaker

date of the original: c. 1350 BC 

provenance of the original: the tomb Chapel of Horemheb, Egypt; now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

description: Fragment from a stele. Plaster reproduction; limestone original. Height 32.5 cm, width 32.5 cm, depth 2 cm.

Horemheb was a modest scribe who emerged as a military leader under Amenhotep III. General Horemheb then advanced to the highest levels of government, first under the Pharoah Akhenaten (see:Amarna Tablet), then under Tutankhamun, and finally serving as Prime Minister under Pharaoh Ay. With the death of Ay, Horemheb became Pharaoh of Egypt.