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Aboriginal Student Achievement Program Learning Communities

Last fall, Aboriginal students from our ASAP Learning Communities participated in a competition to design a promotional video. The best pitch was selected to be filmed, featuring the ASAP students as the stars of the show. Take a look at what students had to say about the Aboriginal Student Achievement Program in the final product!


At the University of Saskatchewan, a Learning Community (LC) is a small group of students who share common interests, ideas, and/or classes. LC students gather in a weekly LC Hour, guided by two student Peer Mentors, and together explore the dynamic potential of their local and global communities.

ASAP Learning Communities bring together Aboriginal First Year students who take a common set of courses, meet weekly with upper year students called Peer Mentors and connect with Aboriginal role models.

ASAP focuses on student success by providing support in multiple areas:

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ASAP Students say…

“The ASAP Learning Communities helped me feel comfortable with the University and with my fellow classmates”

“I like being in a small group with other students that are starting at the University”

“Not only do small classes allow for more comfort when participating in discussions, it allows students to build relationships with their professors”


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