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Department Head

Tom SteeleTom SteeleB.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.Professor & Department HeadOffice: Physics 53Phone: 966-6427Email:


Mark BolandMark BolandPhDAssociate ProfessorOffice: Physics 69Phone: +1 306 966-6436Email: mark.boland@usask.caWebsite:
Adam BourassaAdam BourassaPh.D., P.Eng.ProfessorOffice: Physics Rm. 253Phone: 966-1418Email: adam.bourassa@usask.caWebsite:
Michael P. BradleyMichael P. BradleyPh.D. (MIT), P.Eng.ProfessorOffice: Physics 67Phone: 306-966-6399Email: michael.bradley@usask.caWebsite:
Gap Soo ChangGap Soo ChangPh.D.Professor and Graduate ChairOffice: Physics Rm 161Phone: 966-2768Email: gapsoo.chang@usask.caWebsite:
Doug DegensteinDoug DegensteinOffice: Physics Rm 266Phone: 966-6447Email:
Rainer DickRainer DickPh.D., P.Phys.Professor Office: Physics 256Phone: 966-6443Email:
Masoud GhezelbashMasoud GhezelbashOffice: Physics Rm. 252Phone: 966-6424Email:
Robert GreenRobert GreenB.E., B.Sc., Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorOffice: Physics 255Phone: 966-2295Email:
Glenn HusseyGlenn HusseyB.E., M.Sc., Ph.D., P. Phys., P. Eng.ProfessorOffice: Physics 257Phone: 966-6442Email:
Sasha Koustov Sasha Koustov M.Sc., Ph.D.Office: Physics 258Phone: 966-6426Email: sasha.koustov@usask.caWebsite:
Kathryn McWilliamsKathryn McWilliamsPh.D., P.Eng.Phone: 966-6605Email:
Alexander MoewesAlexander MoewesPh.D.Professor & Canada Research Chair for Materials Science using Synchrotron RadiationOffice: Physics 154Phone: 966-6431Email: alex.moewes@usask.caWebsite:
Rob PywellRob PywellPh.D. P.PhysOffice: Physics Rm 251Phone: 966-6404Email:
Chary RangacharyuluChary RangacharyuluOffice: Physics Rm 158Phone: 966-6412Email:
Andrei SmolyakovAndrei SmolyakovM.S., Ph.D.ProfessorOffice: Physics 152Phone: 966-6432Email: andrei.smolyakov@usask.caWebsite:
Jean-Pierre St. MauriceJean-Pierre St. MauricePh D 1975, Yale UniversityOffice: Physics Rm 259Phone: 966-2906Email:
Kaori TanakaKaori TanakaPh.D.Office: Physics 157Phone: 966-6406Email:
John TseJohn TseB.Sc (Hon.), Ph.D, D.ScCanada Research Chair Toer IOffice: Physics Rm 153Phone: 966-6410Email: john.tse@usask.caWebsite:
Chijin XiaoChijin XiaoB.Sc., M.Sc., Dr.rer.nat.Office: Physics 65Phone: 966-6415Email: chijin.xiao@usask.caWebsite:
Yansun YaoYansun YaoPh.D. Condensed Matter Physics (Theory)Assistant ProfessorOffice: Physics 65Phone: (306) 966-6430Email: yansun.yao@usask.caWebsite:





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