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Aboriginal Student Achievement Program

Learning Communities

At the University of Saskatchewan, a learning community (LC) is a small group of students who share common interests, ideas, and classes. LC students gather in a weekly LC Hour, guided by two student peer mentors, and together explore the dynamic potential of their local and global communities.

Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP) Learning Communities bring together Aboriginal first year students who take a common set of courses, meet weekly with upper year peer mentors and connect with Aboriginal role models.

ASAP focuses on student success by providing support in multiple areas:

  • Holistic support through Trish Monture Centre for Student Success advisors
  • Academic support through tutorials
  • Social interactions through learning communities
  • Financial support from bursaries
  • Small class sizes
  • Culturally sensitive instructors
  • Courses to build academic skills
  • Cultural events and time with elders


TERM 1 - Course Offerings for 2015 - 2016

LC-ASAP01: Medicine Wheel 1 LC

Psychology 121 – Biology 120 – Interdisciplinary Studies 102

The Medicine Wheel Learning Community is designed for Aboriginal students who want to pursue a degree in a health science profession or in life sciences. Students that register in this Medicine Wheel LC will be required to attend a Medicine Wheel Summer Camp in late August (dates and more information will be available at the registration appointment with an ASAP Academic Advisor). This Learning Community is designed to be paired with the Medicine Wheel 2 LC (and potentially the Medicine Wheel 3 LC) in term two. These LCs offer courses that are particularly well suited to Nursing and can also work as the starting point for applying to other professional colleges such as Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry. The courses in the Medicine Wheel LC also work well toward degrees in Biology, Biomedical Sciences, and Psychology or can be used toward any other Arts and Science Degree.


LC-ASAP02: Star Blanket

English 113 – Biology 120 – Interdisciplinary Studies 102

The Star Blanket Learning Community is a great fit for students who are undecided about their major, or want to try a variety of courses to start their university career. INTS 102 – “Strategies for Academic Success in the Sciences”, provides a solid academic foundation for students who are adjusting to university learning or who want to give themselves extra resources to have maximum success in their studies in the sciences. Biology and English are both foundational classes that will develop skills that can be used in the pursuit of any Arts and Science Degree.  No matter what major you choose, the Star Blanket LC will help you get there.


LC-ASAP03: Turtle LC 

Archaeology 112 – History 125 – Sociology 111

The Turtle Learning Community offers an outstanding opportunity to study the past and how it influences the present. The combination of Archaeology, History and Sociology will help students develop a broad range of skills to study human pre-history, history, and culture. The courses in this Learning Community can be used toward any Arts and Science Degree; however, the Turtle LC is a particularly good choice for students interested in studying the Humanities or Human culture in programs such as English, Religious Studies, Philosophy, History, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Sociology. This LC would also be a good fit for students who are interested in applying to a professional school such as Law or Social Work.


Living Learning Community: Tipi 1 LLC 

Student Housing in Voyageur Place & Meal Plan

Imagine never having to cook and waking up only a five minute (indoor) walk from your classes. Unlike other ASAP Learning Communities, the Tipi Living Learning Community is not connected to specific courses: It is connected to where you live!

Students who enroll in the Tipi – 1 Living Learning Community will be guaranteed a furnished room in Voyageur Place (one of the student residence halls on campus centrally located right next to the Bowl) and a meal plan at the Marquis Hall buffet. Tipi LLC students will also benefit from having their Voyageur Place Application Fee paid for and their rent subsidized each month to help off-set their living costs (students will be required to pay the remaining portion of their rent with their band funding or student loan monies). Plus, Tipi – 1 LLC students will be part of a community of Aboriginal students living together on campus and exploring “Life in Our Community” with two Peer Mentors each week in their LLC Hour; making connections in and around the Saskatoon Aboriginal Community and making connections on the U of S Campus.  Students that register in this Tipi -1 LLC must also register in a Term 1 ASAP Learning Community, either LC-ASAP01 or LC-ASAP02 or LC-ASAP03.

 *Please note: Voyageur Place houses two students in each dorm room. Students interested in the Tipi - 1 LLC must be willing to share a room with another ASAP student. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any rooms for families at this time.  Interested students should contact an Aboriginal Student Advisor as soon as possible to ensure a spot, as space is limited.*



TERM 2 - Course Offerings for 2015 - 2016

LC-ASAP04: Medicine Wheel 2 LC

Psychology 120 – Indigenous Studies 107 – Women’s and Gender Studies 112

In combination with the Medicine Wheel LC 1 (from Term 1) and the Medicine Wheel LC 3 (see the restrictions for this LC noted under LC-ASAP07), the three Medicine Wheel Learning Communities provide seven of the ten courses required to apply to the College of Nursing (the Medicine Wheel 4 LC will be offered in Spring & Summer 2016 which will provide 2 more courses required for Nursing, more information coming soon). These LCs also provide an excellent starting point for Aboriginal students interested in pursuing careers in professional health sciences (such as Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy), life sciences (such as Biology), and Biomedical Sciences (such as Physiology & Pharmacology or Biochemistry). The courses in this Learning Community can also be used toward any other Arts and Science degree.


LC-ASAP05: Drum

English 114 – Interdisciplinary Studies 100 – Drama 118

The Drum Learning Community is a great choice for students who are unsure of what they want to major in and want to try a variety of courses. The writing skills developed in English, the speaking and performance skills achieved in Drama plus the time management and study skills learned in Strategies for Academic Success (INTS 100) can be applied in limitless directions and will help students no matter what major or career they decide to pursue. The courses in this Learning Community can be used toward any Arts and Science degree.


LC-ASAP06: Hide 

Northern Studies 101 – Sociology 112 – Geology 109

The Hide Learning Community offers foundational courses for degrees such as Northern Studies, Sociology, Social Work, Aboriginal Justice and Criminology, and International Studies. This Learning Community is an excellent choice for students who want to learn about cultures and communities, particularly (but not only) in northern environments and earth history. The Hide LC pairs well with any of the Term 1 ASAP LC’s. The courses in this Learning Community can be used toward any Arts and Science degree.


The Medicine Wheel Learning Community 3 (consisting of CHEM 112, the CHEM 112 lab, and Peer Led Team Learning Sessions) is designed to be taken with Medicine Wheel 1 and 2 LCs however it does fit into and can be combined with any of the other Term 2 ASAP LCs. NOTE: Students who enroll in this LC must successfully pass Biology 120 (students who are enrolled in BIOL 120 in Term 1 can still apply). Any Aboriginal student regardless of their year of study can apply to this LC. All students who apply to this LC will be placed on a waiting list; priority will be given to Term 1 ASAP students who are interested in Nursing. Enrollment decisions for this LC will be made in December 2015. For more information, please contact an Aboriginal Student Advisor.




The first year handbook


Program Contact Information

Lori Slater Pollock
Director of Arts & Science Learning Communities

Text the advisors 306-361-5990