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Aboriginal Student Achievement Program

Learning Communities

At the University of Saskatchewan, a learning community (LC) is a small group of students who share common interests, ideas, and classes. LC students gather in a weekly LC Hour, guided by two student peer mentors, and together explore the dynamic potential of their local and global communities.

Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP) Learning Communities bring together Aboriginal first year students who take a common set of courses, meet weekly with upper year peer mentors and connect with Aboriginal role models.

ASAP focuses on student success by providing support in multiple areas:

  • Holistic support through Trish Monture Centre for Student Success advisors
  • Academic support through tutorials
  • Social interactions through learning communities
  • Financial support from bursaries
  • Small class sizes
  • Culturally sensitive instructors
  • Courses to build academic skills
  • Cultural events and time with elders
2016-17 Course combinations and schedules coming soon!
Sign-up for ASAP 2016-17 starts May 9th at noon.



The first year handbook


Program Contact Information

Lori Slater Pollock
Director of Arts & Science Learning Communities

Text the advisors 306-361-5990