Aboriginal Student Achievement Program - STEM

“To me, studying science is like… becoming a part of the future, do you know what I mean? It’s just got endless possibilities that I’m excited about.”

-3rd year Indigenous Biology student

ASAP STEM Pathways

Access, Entrance, and Enrichment

Our ASAP STEM Pathways provide a sightline for Indigenous students to enter diverse STEM degree pathways through academically grounded ACCESS, ENTRANCE, and ENRICHMENT opportunities offered through the Aboriginal Student Achievement Program, College of Arts & Science.

Are you interested in Land Management, Geography, Medicine, Engineering, Nursing, Environmental Science, Geology, Toxicology, Sustainable Development, Chemistry, Agriculture & Bioresources, Science Education, Astronomy or Quantum Physics?

Get ready to Learn With Us!

Indigenous students in our USASK STEM programs are passionate about what they are learning, and excited about the possibilities that post-secondary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math courses offer for them to ask questions, solve problems, access professional careers, and give back to their communities!


ASAP’s STEM Accelerator Courses

Chemistry 90 – Physics 90 – Math Readiness Tutorial

Establish skills for success in pre-requisite STEM courses common to degrees in Bachelor of Science, Engineering, Agriculture & Bio resources, Health Science, and Science Education programs.

ASAP’s non-degree credit preparatory courses are designed for students who want to pursue a degree in science or a related professional degree (e.g. health science, science education, and engineering) who lack high school pre-requisite courses or have been away from school for > 3 years and would like to refresh their knowledge of these subjects.

NOTE: Physics 90 and Chemistry 90 will stand in lieu of 30-level pre-requisites for STEM degree programs.

coming in fall 2018: Biology 90



ASAP STEM Learning Communities

For first and second year Indigenous students with an interest in STEM degree programs: start strong in our Aboriginal Student Achievement Program’s Medicine Wheel Learning Community, taking three common courses per term as a cohort, with recommended electives that fit your STEM Pathway

Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP) Learning Communities bring together First Nations, Inuit and Métis students in a common set of courses, with small class sizes, responsive instruction, and facilitated tutorials. LC students gather in a weekly LC Hour, guided by two student peer mentors, to together explore the dynamic potential of their local and global communities.



ASAP Year 2, Walking Together LC

ASAP’s 2nd Year Walking Together Learning Community includes one common humanities course and learning community hour per term. It is designed for second or third year Aboriginal students who have, or are considering, declaring a STEM degree major.

Small class sizes and Indigenized curricula support interdisciplinary integration of Indigenous perspectives to expand the relevance of learning in STEM degree programs, and connect First Nations, Inuit and Metis students across Departmental STEM programs with one another, and with the academic and cultural programming offered through the Trish Monture Centre for Student Success.

ASAP Upper-year, Indigenous STEM Scholar’s Circle (ISSC)

Coming Soon!

An upper-year interdisciplinary Learning Community for declared STEM majors interested in exploring Indigenous perspectives, experiential and community-based learning, and post-graduate preparation for employment, continuing educational opportunities, including professional college admissions.

The ISSC enriches established STEM degree programs with opportunities for theoretical, strategic and substantive integration of Indigenous perspectives. ISSC participants will have the option of working toward a degree level Indigenous Perspectives in STEM (I-STEM) Certificate recognizing unique learning outcomes of their curricular and extra-curricular engagement.

Key Program Elements:

  • 300-level Common Seminar Course; Indigenous Perspectives on STEM & Community-engaged Learning (term 1) and weekly LC hour (term 1 & 2)
  • 400-level Common Seminar Course; Graduate Preparation & Capstone Research Project with Faculty Mentor (term 2) and weekly LC hour (term 1 & 2)
  • 300/400 Extra-curricular component: community-engaged learning, coached access to summer internship and mentorship programs, international conference travel fund, networking opportunities
  • Faculty mentors within Departmental STEM programs

"Some scientists are among the most awestruck witnesses to the glories of the unfolding universe and among its most eloquent guides."

- John Mohawk (Sotsisiwah)
Iroquois Elder enior Smithsonian Scholar