Picture of  Celina Van De Kamp

Celina Van De Kamp Sociology - PhD

Research Area(s)

  • Surveillance Studies; Surveillance Capitalism; Criminology; Policy; Law

Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Scott Thompson, Supervisor
  • Dr. Laura Wright, Committee Member
  • Cognate - TBA


Currently, the Canadian government does not regulate the collection of what they call “metadata,” the data about data, or the who, what, when, where, and how of our use of technology. In the private sector it is argued that metadata is not an invasion of privacy, or at all harmful, since it does not reveal the actual content of our communications. Academic research, however, does not agree, showing that metadata is invasive and does reveal accurate, and often sensitive information about the individual. This is problematic not only because this data collection can significantly impact life chances, but also because it is frequently done without our knowledge or consent. By taking questions about privacy and putting them next to specific cases, this project will get a very clear picture of what privacy is and is not. This project will demonstrate that there is a false understanding concerning the reality of metadata collection, and that we need to recognize that privacy laws need to fit this very complex understanding of what privacy is.