About quanTA

The Centre for Quantum Topology and Its Applications (quanTA) is a Canadian response to new developments in quantum science.  The Centre is an interdisciplinary institute devoted to the mathematics and physics of novel new quantum materials, inspired by the discovery of topological materials that have revolutionized condensed matter physics. We are involved in the theory, simulation, and realization of a new generation of quantum materials, with a focus on enabling innovations such as quantum computing and energy-efficient technologies.  Our goal is to make western Canada, in particular the Canadian Prairies, a competitive force in quantum science and quantum technology development.  To this end, we aim to partner with similar institutes, companies, and other stakeholders in Canada and abroad.



  • April 2020: The quanTA PIMS Collaborative Research Group (CRG) is now fully initialized.  Our three years of generous funding from PIMS will connect quantum projects at the universities of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.
  • December 2019: The first quanTA PhD candidate, Adam Zolkoskey, successfully defended his thesis, titled Interdimensional Effects in Systems of Electrons. He was supervised by Rainer Dick and Kaori Tanaka of the University of Saskatchewan Department of Physics & Engineering Physics. quanTA member Jacek Szmigielski (Mathematics) served as an Internal Examiner.  Congratulations to Adam!
  • December 2019: It was announced that the quanTA will be the latest PIMS Collaborative Research Group (CRG).
  • September 2019: quanTA's named lecture series, the Peter Scherk Lecture in Geometry, was initiated as a kick-off event for the Centre.  Our distinguished guest speaker was Daniel Freed, Professor at the University of Texas at Austin.  He spoke on applications of homotopy theory to condensed matter physics.
  • August 2019: quanTA hosted a cutting-edge Summer Symposium connecting quantum engineering with harmonic analysis, with special topics ranging from topological materials to quantum computing to machine learning.
  • June 2019: The PIMS-Fields Summer School on Algebraic Geometry in High-Energy Physics attracted 60 young researchers from 6 countries to the University of Saskatchewan for five days of mini-courses and special lectures, including a set of special lectures by Nima Arkani-Hamed (Professor of Natural Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study and winner of the inaugural Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics).
  • June 2019: Members of quanTA represented the Centre at the National Quantum Strategy Summit at the NRC in Ottawa.
  • June 2019: quanTA members, internal and external, participated in a scientific session on mathematical analysis of quantum structures at the Canadian Mathematical Society Meeting.
  • May 2019: quanTA was formally ratified as a Type A Centre by University Council of the University of Saskatchewan.
  • March 2019: Founding Director Steven Rayan and External Advisory Board members Lindsay LeBlanc and Joseph Maciejko were awarded a Tri-Agency New Frontiers in Research Fund (Exploration Stream) grant on the theme of Topology and the Next Generation of Quantum Materials.
  • October 2018: Prior to quanTA's ratification as a research centre within the University of Saskatchewan, quanTA is invited to join Geometry Labs United, a network of experimental geometry labs, centres, and institutes in the United States.



quanTA is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada through its Discovery Grant program (held by individual faculty associated with the Centre) and through the Canadian Tri-Agency's New Frontiers in Research Fund (Exploration Stream), as well as by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.  We also gratefully acknowledge the University of Saskatchewan's College of Arts & Science for investing in the Centre.


We are grateful to the University of Saskatchewan (including the College of Arts & Sciences and Innovation Enterprise), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Tri-Agency New Frontiers in Research Fund, and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences for supporting quanTA.  We are a proud member of Geometry Labs United.
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