Picture of  Elizabeth Babyn

Elizabeth Babyn Felting and Textile

Whether making intuitive non-objective paintings, or making installation and media-based work, Elizabeth has always viewed the art-making process from a meditative, spiritual and holistic perspective. As a facilitator, she provides encouragement and support, and gives constructive feedback that helps identify the strengths of each student.

Elizabeth Babyn received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at OCAD University in 2005. She worked and taught as an artist in Caledon Ontario, and moved to Saskatoon in 2011. As Elizabeth’s interest shifted from painting to sculpture and installation, she completed her Master of Fine Art degree in this area of study in 2016, at the University of Saskatchewan. 

Elizabeth on teaching: I open my class sessions with a presentation that provides some context and inspiration regarding a variety of contemporary art practices relating to the material that is being investigated. In addition, foundational instruction is given to provide participants with a framework that will instil confidence for future explorations and experimentation. The incorporation of short experimental exercises that are process based and not product driven, also serve to create a safe environment for individuals to find their own voice and source of empowerment, as they navigate their way through unchartered territory. Opportunities for group critiques and collaborations are also incorporated into the workshop setting to help expand critical thinking and analysis relating to the work that is being created. I never cease to be amazed and invigorated by the new and exciting creative approaches that are generated within the framework of these classes. 

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