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Digital Culture and New Media


This interdisciplinary minor provides a foundation in the history, theory and practice of digital media production and communication.


Other media classes

Please note: not all classes are offered every year. If you'd like to add a class to the list please contact us.

Art & Art History

ART 136.3 Extended Media I Foundation
ART 235.3 Digital Imagery
ART 236.3 Extended Media II A
ART 237.3 Extended Media II B
ARTH 250.3 Introduction to Visual Culture
ART 338.3 Extended Media III A
ART 339.3 Extended Media III B
ART 438.3 Extended Media IV A
ART 439.3 Extended Media IV B

Computer Science

CMPT 105.3 Introduction to Computing and Interactive Systems Design
CMPT 106.3 Design and Construction of Games and Interactive Systems
CMPT 281.3 Website Design and Development


DRAM 340.3 Play Directing
DRAM 440.3 Advanced Direction


ENG 204.6 History and Future of the Book
ENG 288.3 Introduction to Film
ENG 307.3 Digital Literature and New Media
ENG 404.3 Topics in 16th Century Literature in English (when focus is on digital editing)
ENG 406.3 Topics in 17th Century Literature in English (when focus is on digital editing)

Interdisciplinary courses

INCC 110.1 Designing for Page and Screen
INCC 210.3 Digital Communication and Design: Introduction to Methods & Applications
INCC 310.3 Cultural Heritage Mapping
INCC 398.3 Creating for the 21st Century Screen
INCC 401.3 Digital Culture and New Media: Capstone Collaborative Design Project


PHIL 236.3 Ethics and Technology


SOC 244.3 Sociology of Mass Media in Canada
SOC 246.3 Ideology and Mass Communication
SOC 260.3 Social Change and Global Solidarity
SOC 360.3 Globalization and Social Justice

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