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University Transition Program Learning Communities

A Learning Community (LC) is a small group of first-year students who take classes together and share some common interests. Arts and Science Learning Communities are designed to ease the transition into university by providing our first-year students with extra opportunities to make friends, study and explore ideas together, and work together to develop the academic and personal skills to succeed.

Learning Communities are what a university education is all about, students and faculty from many different backgrounds come together to explore big ideas and a wide range of perspectives on the world; to be creative and to grow personally as they advance intellectually; and to make lifelong friendships.

Transition students gather in a weekly UTRAN Hour led by two senior student Peer Mentors who facilitate sessions on study skills, goal setting and stress management; help students access academic, health, and other support services; and organize information sessions and social events. Today's Peer Mentors and many campus student leaders started university in a Learning Community, where they developed the friendships, confidence and skills that set them apart.
University Transition Program (UTRAN) Course Offerings for 2014-15

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Courses and Registration