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Welcome to the Department of Sociology

What is Sociology?

The Canadian Sociology Association identifies Sociology as:

“…the study of individuals and society. What makes it unique among academic disciplines is its focus from a myriad of angles, on the linkages between our individual experience and the context of the wider society in which we live. Investigating the social ties between individual and society, between our private realm and the public sphere, and between freedom and constraint – these are the heart of sociology. Adopting this way of seeing – C. Wright Mills called it “the sociological imagination” – helps us understand how powerfully the world in which we live shapes what we do and how we do it.”

A degree in Sociology gives you the skills needed to see society and human interactions in a different way. You will learn qualitative and quantitative methodologies, along with gaining a theoretical base. The skills learned from your degree will benefit you in future job positions or academic pursuits in a graduate program or applied college.

Sociology at the U of S

The Department of Sociology is committed to linking the aims of the discipline with the mission of the University of Saskatchewan. Sociology is oriented to teach students to think critically about society, to collect and analyze information about social issues, and to provide training for career opportunities and scholarly pursuits among diverse student bodies. At the University of Saskatchewan, the Department of Sociology has a multitude of programs for undergraduate students, with an array of topics to explore. As a graduate student in the department, you can take your topic interests even farther working with one of our faculty members towards a Masters of Ph.D.

Department of Sociology Newsletter

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