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Yin Liu

Yin Liu

B.A., Ph.D. (Alberta)

Associate Professor

Office: Arts 316
Phone: 966-1835

Yin Liu teaches medieval English language and literature, history of the English language, and historical approaches to English. Her research is in the Middle English romances, intersections between medieval English literature and history, and digital humanities.

Current research:

Honours, Awards & Distinctions (Most Recent)

  • Teaching Excellence Award, awarded by University of Saskatchewan Students' Union , January 1, 2005

Publications (Most Recent)

  • Liu, Y. "Scribal Spelling of Northern 'ta' as 'to', and Some Implications." In Studies in Middle English: Words, Forms, Senses and Texts, edited by Michael Bilynsky, 213-224. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2014.
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