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William Bartley

William Bartley

B.A. (Alberta), M.A. (San Francisco State), Ph.D. (Alberta)

Associate Professor

Office: Arts 411B
Phone: 306-966-5512


William Bartley teaches American literature and film. Currently, he’s been thinking about the nature of cultural change. To that end, he’s working on a study of American historical fiction—including film—as a mode of ethical and political inquiry.


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Publications (Most Recent)

  • Bartley, W. "Faith, Doubt, and Chiasmus in Krzysztof Kieslowski's 'Decalogue I'." Journal of Religion and Film 18.2, [ ] (2014).
  • Bartley, W. "'Mad Men,' The Historical Novel, and Social Change." CineAction 94, [] (2014): 12-21.