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Ron Laliberte

Ron Laliberte


Office: Kirk Hall 129
Phone: 966-6211


My research interests include: Métis issues and history, Aboriginal labour in Western Canada, the history of the sugar beet industry in southern Alberta and, theoretical perspectives on migrant labour forces. I have recently been  involved in a collaborative project on First Nations and Métis Identities in Cities (a study of urban Aboriginal communities in Saskatoon). In the near future I hope to also become involved in doing research on Metis rights in Saskatchewan.


Selected Recent Publications

“The ‘Grab-a-Hoe’ Indians: The Canadian State and the Procurement of Aboriginal Labour for the Southern Alberta Sugar Beet Industry” in Prairie Forum 31, no 2 (Fall 2006) pp. 305-324.

“Dr. Howard Adams (1921-2001)” in Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center (2005).
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“Howard Adams in the Voices of His Contemporaries” in Howard Adams: The Life of a Métis Leader in His Own Words and in the Words of His Contemporaries. Hartmut Lutz, Murray Hamilton and Donna Heimbecker, Saskatoon: Gabriel Dumont Institute (2005).

R. F. Laliberte, et al (2000) Expressions in Canadian Native Studies Saskatoon: University of Saskatchewan Extension Press.

“Native Migrant Labour in the Southern Alberta Sugar Beet Industry: Coercion and Paternalism in the Recruitment of Labour,”Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, Fall 1998.