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Robert Alexander Innes

Robert Alexander Innes

Phd Arizona (2007) M.A. Saskatchewan (2000) B.A. Toronto (1996)

Assistant Professor, Graduate Chair

Office: Kirk Hall 130
Phone: 966-2197

Robert is a Plains Cree member of Cowessess First Nation who completed his Phd dissertation, titled "The Importance of Kinship Ties to Members of Cowessess First Nation, at the University of Arizona in the American Indian Studies Program. In January 2007, he was appointed to the position of Assistant Professor in the Department. Prior to his appointment Robert was the Pre-Doctoral Fellow in the American Indian Studies Program at Michigan State University. He completed his M.A. at the University of Saskatchewan in Native Studies -  the title of his thesis was "The Socio-Political Influence of the Second World War Saskatchewan Aboriginal Veterans, 1945-1960" -, his B.A. at the University of Toronto with a major in History and a double minor in Aboriginal Studies and English and the Transitional Year Programme at the University of Toronto.

Teaching & Supervision

NS 107.3 "Introduction to Canadian Native Studies"

NS 210.3 "Indigenous Ways of Knowing"

NS 220.3 "Aboriginal Rights and the Courts"

NS 265.3 "Aboriginal People and Development"

NS 340.3 "Theory and Aboriginal Societies"

NS 373.3 "Indigenous Masculinities in the Global Context"

NS 430.3 "Issues in Cultural Preservation"

NS 802.3 "Applied Native Studies Research Methods"

NS 803.3 "Theoretical Issues in Native Studies"

NS 898.3 "Comparative Indigenous Masculinities"

NS 898.3 "Cree Indigenous Knowledge and Governance"

NS 898.3 "Men and Masculinities of Colour"


Factors that lead to successful Aboriginal institutions, contemporary kinship roles and responsibities, and Indigenous masculinities


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