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Robert Englebert

Robert Englebert

PhD & MA - University of Ottawa, BA - York University (Glendon College)

Assistant Professor

Office: Arts 723
Phone: (306) 966-5219

Teaching & Supervision



HIST 145.3 War and Conflict in Colonial North America

HIST 210.3 France's Colonial Legacy: The Rise and Fall of a Global Empire

HIST 255.3 Canada from Contact to Confederation

HIST 310.3 Beavers, Booze and Bully Boys: Fur Trade Wars in North America

HIST 350.3 A War that Shaped a Continent: The Seven Years War and the Conquest of Canada

HIST 410.3 France in the Americas 1500-1803: The Search for Empire

PhD Field Courses

Minor Field in Canadian History

Minor Field in French Colonial History

Major Field in French Colonial History

Minor Field in Colonial and Postcolonial History

Major Field in Comparative Colonial and Postcolonial History (co-supervised)

Graduate Students:


(2012) Brandon Morris, MA, French - Mi'kmaq Relations at St-Pierre and Miquelon after 1763


Scott Berthelette, PhD, French Colonial Agents in the Petit Nord

Bronwyn Craig, MA, The Illinois Country and the American Revolution

David Seibel, MA, St. Louis and the Louisiana Rebellion of 1768

Damian Braun, MA, The Hudson's Bay Company and the American Revolution


My current research examines the continuity of commercial and social interaction between distant and seemingly disparate French-speaking communities in North America from 1763 to 1803.  This work explores how merchants and voyageurs travelled the rivers of the continent, connecting French-speaking peoples from the Montreal-Quebec City corridor with those in towns like St. Louis and Kaskaskia in the Middle Mississippi Valley.  While the majority of this study focuses on French Canadians, a detailed exploration of the salience of mobility in French North America reveals a diverse population that included Louisiana Creoles, Acadians, French, métis, Aboriginal peoples, Scots, Brits, and Anglo-Americans.  Central to this research is a rethinking of the nature of empire and colonial control, as well as a reformulation of how to define people who fail to fit neatly within geo-political borders.

Future Research Interests:

My primary interest continues to be French North America after the fall of New France.  My future work seeks to expand my area of study to see the full extent and limitations of French networks of communication and exchange in the 18th and early 19th century.  This includes a more detailed examination of the integration of French-Canadian and métis populations in the Canadian Northwest into a larger French North America, as well as a detailed exploration of the role of  trans-Atlantic commerce for French speaking peoples in the interior of North America.



Current Projects:

Monograph study of Canadian Merchant Gabriel Cerré that examines transcolonial and early transnational networks in French North America between 1763 and 1805.

Other projects include a study of legal continuity (civil law) between Canada and the Illinois Country, 1763-1790, work on French-Shawnee métissage from Canada to Upper Louisiana, 1748-1812, and an examination of French travel literature regarding French and Aboriginal peoples of the Illinois Country.



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Online and Non-Refereed

Englebert, Robert. "Much ado about nothing: the Royal Proclamation and French Socio-economic Continuity on the Edge of Empire." Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies (Fall, 2013): 23-24. Also posted on (Oct. 2013).

Englebert, Robert. "Rethinking French North America in the Eighteenth Century." Le Journal: Journal of the Center for French Colonial Studies 28, no. 4 (2012): 1-9.

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Documents & Links

The Voyageur Database Project comprises approximately 35,000 fur trade contracts  signed in front of Montreal notaries between 1714 and 1830. It is currently the single largest collection of data regarding the contracts signed by the men of the Montreal fur trade. The information collected from the contracts includes: family names, parishes of origin, hiring company, length of contract, destination(s), advances and wages, supplies, conditions of hire, the name of the notary, date of signing, and miscellaneous notes.