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Michael PJ Kennedy

Michael PJ Kennedy

B.A. (Iona), M.A., Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Office: Arts 257.5
Phone: 966-5528


Learning Communities' Teaching Award, 2011

Sylvia Wallace Sessional Lecturer Teaching Excellence Award, 2005

College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award, 2004

University of Saskatchewan Students' Union Teaching Excellence Award, 1998-1999


Selected Publications:

"Canadian Inuit Literature" From Oral Tradition to Rap: Literatures of the Polar North. ed. by Karen Langgard and Kirsten Thisted. Nuuk, Greenland: Ilisimatusarfik/Forlaget Atuagkat     (Nordic Ministers Council), 2011.

Dogs on Ice: A History of Hockey at University of Saskatchewan. Regina & Saskatoon: Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame & "Friends of the Huskies," 2006.

Going Top Shelf: An Anthology of Canadian Hockey Poetry. Surrey, British Columbia: Heritage House, 2005.

Words on Ice: A Collection of Hockey Prose. Toronto: Key Porter, 2003.

"Alootook Ipellie." In Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada. Toronto. University of Toronto Press, 2002.

"Alootook Ipellie." Encyclopedia Encarta. Seattle: Microsoft, 2000. CD-ROM.

"Hockey as Metaphor in Selected Canadian Literature." Textual Studies in Canada: Canada's Journal of Cultural Literacy 12 (1998): 81-94.

"Sea Goddess Sedna: An Enduring Pan-Arctic Legend from Traditional Orature to the New Narratives of the Late Twentieth Century." In Echoing Silence: Essays on Arctic Narrative. Ed. John Moss. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 1997. 211-224.

"Alootook Ipellie: The Voice of an Inuk Artist." Studies in Canadian Literature 2 (1996): 155-164.

"Southern Exposure: The Creative Work of an Inuk Writer-Artist." Canadian Journal of Native Studies 2 (1996): 347-361.

"Inuit Literature in English: A Chronological Survey." Canadian Journal of Native Studies 13.1 (1993): 31-41.

"Garner's Forgotten Novel and Its Relationship to the Stories." Studies in Canadian Literature 15.2 (1991): 174-179.


Michael Kennedy (Limited-term Faculty) completed his B.A. in English and Education in 1969, his M.A.with a specialization in Anglo-Irish Literature (1972) and his Ph.D. in Canadian Literature (1989) at the University of Ottawa. His M.A. thesis was on the drama of Lady Gregory and his Ph.D. dissertation was on the short stories of Hugh Garner. After teaching English and Canadian Literature at University of Ottawa and at Montreal's Concordia University, he came to Saskatchewan in 1975 where he taught Canadian Literature and Communications at University of Regina. Since 1976, he has developed curricula and taught Canadian Literature, Media Studies, and a variety of Interpersonal, Oral, and Technical/Business Writing Communications at Kelsey Campus of Saskatchewan Institute. Concurrently, he has taught Canadian and English Literature and Composition classes for the Department of English since 1991 and Communications classes for the College of Agriculture from 1994-1998.  His scholarship in Inuit Literature/ Orature has been recognized by his publications and presentations at Inuit Studies Conferences in Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. Michael has been an active freelance journalist and has had over 350 publications including scholarly, educational, general interest, and sports publications, as well as book reviews. He has edited several publications and has delivered special presentations to groups like the Saskatchewan Railroad Historical Association for whom he has been publications editor and Streetcar Committee Chairperson. Michael has had membership in and contributed to a variety of community groups including Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, Transport 2000, Saskatchewan Railroad Historical Association, Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation, Saskatoon Heritage Fair, three Alumni Associations, his local Constituency Association, and Agricultural Society. His professional achievements include a 1999 Teaching Excellence Award from University of Saskatchewan Students' Union, College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award (2004), Sylvia Wallace Teaching Excellence Award for Sessional Lecturers (2005), and Learning Communities Teaching Award (2011), an award from the Kelsey Faculty Council and Administration, and 13 Staff Merit Awards from the Kelsey Students' Association. In 2002 he has combined his extensive academic and sports knowledge to create and present a class entitled "Reading Culture: Hockey in Canadian Literature" which he continues to offer.  As a freelance sports journalist and former weekly sports columnist, he has been active with writing for the University’s Huskie Hockey team. He prepared a paper “Teaching Hockey Literature at a Canadian University: Illusion vs Reality” for the interdisciplinary “Canada and the League of Hockey Nations” Conference at University of Victoria.