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Matt Lindsay

Matt Lindsay

B.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: Geology 134
Phone: +1 (306) 966-5693

Publications (Most Recent)

  • Lindsay, MBJ, MC Moncur, JG Bain, JL Jambor, CJ Ptacek, DW Blowes. "Geochemical and mineralogical aspects of sulifde mine tailings." Applied Geochemistry. (In Press)
  • Moncur, MC, CJ Ptacek, MBJ Lindsay, DW Blowes, JL Jambor. "Long-term mineralogical and geochemical evolution of sulfide mine tailings under a shallow water cover." Applied Geochemistry. (In Press)
  • Dockrey JW, MBJ Lindsay, KU Mayer, RD Beckie, KLI Norlund, LA Warren and G Southam. "Acidic microenvironments in waste rock characterized by neutral drainage: Bacteria–mineral interactions at sulfide surfaces." Minerals 4 (2014): 170-190.
  • Jones, KL, MBJ Lindsay, R Kipfer and KU Mayer. "Atmospheric noble gases as tracers of biogenic gas dynamics in a shallow unconfined aquifer." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 128 (2014): 144-157.
  • McDonald CM, WD Gould, MBJ Lindsay, DW Blowes, CJ Ptacek and PD Condon. "Assessing cellulolysis in passive treatment systems for mine drainage: A modified enzyme assay." Journal of Environmental Quality 42 (2013): 48-55.
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  • Gibson, BD, DW Blowes, MBJ Lindsay and CJ Ptacek. "Anoxic treatment of Se(VI) in groundwater using granular iron and organic carbon." Journal of Hazardous Materials 241-242 (2012): 92-100.
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