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Clinton Westman

Clinton Westman

B.A., M.E.S, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: Archaeology 221
Phone: 966-4179

Keywords / Tags

  • Environmental Anthropology; Anthropology of Religion

Teaching & Supervision

Anth 806: Culture and Environment (graduate seminar)

Anth 329: Environmental Anthropology

Anth 321: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol

Anth 240: Cultural Landscapes and Environments

Anth 111: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


I am seeking MA students in Environmental Anthropology. To date, I have supervised students conducting ethnographic field research on energy and politics in northern Canada.




Research Interests

Cree and Métis Peoples of Western Canada; ritual; political ecology; energy; impact assessment and consultation


Research Grants

2011-2014: Insight Development Grant. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Social impact assessment and Aboriginal traditional land use in Canada's oilsands.

2006-2012: Jacobs Fund research grants. Whatcom Museum Foundation, Bellingham, WA. Field research on Cree religious discourse.

2012-2017: European Research Council. Arctic Domus: Emplacing Human-Animal Relationships in the Circumpolar North (Team Member; David G. Anderson, University of Aberdeen, Principal Investigator)




Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

-2014. C. Westman & C. Schreyer. “Înîhiyawîtwâw ‘They are Speaking Cree’: Cree Language Use and Issues in Northern Alberta, Canada. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 230: 115-140.


-2013. “Social Impact Assessment and the Anthropology of the Future in Canada’s Tar Sands.” Human Organization 72.2: 111-120.


-2013. “Cautionary Tales: Making and Breaking Community in the Oil Sands Region.” Canadian Journal of Sociology 38.2: 211-232.


-2013. “Pentecostalism and Indigenous Culture in Northern North America.” Anthropologica 55: 141-156.


-2011. “Contemporary Studies of Ritual in Anthropology and Related Disciplines.” Reviews in Anthropology 40: 210-231.


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-2006. “Evaluación De Los Impactos Sobre Los Pueblos Indígenas De La Explotación De Arenas Petrolíferas En Alberta.” Asuntos Indigenas 2-3/06:32-41.

Book Chapters

2014. Exploitation des sables bitumineux et peuples autochtones en Alberta (Canada): impacts, processus et réponses. In C. Breda, M. Chaplier, J. Hermesse, and E. Picolli (eds.), Terres (dés)humanisées: ressources et climat. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium: Academia/ L’Harmattan.


-2012. “Faith in God’s Temple: Ritual Discourse and Practice in a Cree Pentecostal Congregation.” Pp. 355-386 in Dynamiques religieuses des autochtones des Amériques/ Religious Dynamics of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Edited by M.-P. Bousquet and R.R. Crépeau. Paris: Karthala.


-2010. “Pentecostalism among Aboriginal People: a Political Movement?” Pp. 85-110 in The Liberating Spirit: Pentecostals and Social Action in North America. Edited by M. Wilkinson and S. Studebaker. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock (Pickwick).


Conference Proceedings

-2012. “Cree Pentecostalism and Its Others.” Pp. 395-418 in Papers of the Fortieth Algonquian Conference. Edited by K.S. Hele and J.R. Valentine. Albany: State University of New York Press.


-2010. “The Making of Isolated Communities in the Lesser Slave Lake Interior, Alberta.” Pp. 223-241 in Papers from the Rupert's Land Colloquium 2008. Edited by M.A. Lindsay and M.A Richard. Winnipeg: Centre for Rupert's Land Studies, University of Winnipeg.


-2009. “A Missionary Tour North from Wabasca, Alberta: 1907.” Pp. 634-651 in Proceedings of the 39th Algonquian Conference. Edited by K.S. Hele and R. Darnell. London: University of Western Ontario.

Technical Reports

McDowell, M., C. Down, T. Keatings, J. Bruneau, K. Deonandan, B. Noble, R. Patrick, G. Poelzer, and C. Westman. 2012. Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan 2012: Sustainable Resource Development. Saskatoon: Social Science Research Laboratories, University of Saskatchewan.