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Clinton Westman

Clinton Westman

B.A., M.E.S, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: Archaeology 221
Phone: 966-4179

Keywords / Tags

  • Environmental Anthropology; Anthropology of Religion

Teaching & Supervision

Anth 806: Culture and Environment (graduate seminar)

Anth 329: Environmental Anthropology

Anth 321: Myth, Ritual, and Symbol

Anth 240: Cultural Landscapes and Environments

Anth 111: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


I am seeking MA students in Environmental Anthropology. To date, I have supervised students conducting ethnographic field research on energy and politics in northern Canada.




I take a broad interest in the people and politics of western Canada, in particular among Cree and Métis communities in the central region of northern Alberta, where I am involved in numerous research projects and partnerships.


Research Grants


2011-2014: Insight Development Grant. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Social impact assessment and Aboriginal traditional land use in Canada's oilsands.

2006-2012: Jacobs Fund research grants. Whatcom Museum Foundation, Bellingham, WA. Field research on Cree religious discourse.

2012-2017: European Research Council. Arctic Domus: Emplacing Human-Animal Relationships in the Circumpolar North (Team Member; David G. Anderson, University of Aberdeen, Principal Investigator)



Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals


2014. C. Westman & C. Schreyer. Înîhiyawîtwâw ‘They are Speaking Cree’: Cree Language Use and Issues in Northern Alberta, Canada. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 230: 115-140.


2013. Social Impact Assessment and the Anthropology of the Future in Canada’s Tar Sands. Human Organization 72.2: 111-120.


2013. Cautionary Tales: Making and Breaking Community in the Oil Sands Region. Canadian Journal of Sociology 38.2: 211-232.


2013. Pentecostalism and Indigenous Culture in Northern North America. Anthropologica 55: 141-156.


2011. Contemporary Studies of Ritual in Anthropology and Related Disciplines. Reviews in Anthropology 40: 210-231.


2006. Assessing the Impacts of Oilsands Development on Indigenous Peoples in Alberta, Canada. Indigenous Affairs 2-3/06:30-39.


2006. Evaluación de los impactos sobre los pueblos indígenas de la explotación de arenas petrolíferas en Alberta. Asuntos Indigenas 2-3/06:32-41.

Book Chapters


2014. Exploitation des sables bitumineux et peuples autochtones en Alberta (Canada): impacts, processus et réponses. Pp. 105-126 in Terres (dés)humanisées: ressources et climat. Edited by C. Bréda et al. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium: Academia/ L’Harmattan.


2012. Faith in God's Temple: Ritual Discourse and Practice in a Cree Pentecostal Congregation. Pp. 355-386 in Dynamiques religieuses des autochtones des Amériques/ Religious Dynamics of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Edited by M.-P. Bousquet and R.R. Crépeau. Paris: Karthala.


Technical Reports


McDowell, M., C. Down, T. Keatings, J. Bruneau, K. Deonandan, B. Noble, R. Patrick, G. Poelzer, and C. Westman. 2012. Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan 2012: Sustainable Resource Development. Saskatoon: Social Science Research Laboratories, University of Saskatchewan.