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Winners of the 2018 Provost’s Teaching Awards

Posted on 2018-04-25 in College Vision

The 2018 Celebration of Teaching is on April 27 at 3:00 pm.

Four instructors in the College of Arts & Science will be recognized with 2018 Provost’s Teaching Awards at the University of Saskatchewan’s annual Celebration of Teaching on April 27.

The team responsible for the college’s Aboriginal Student Achievement Program (ASAP) will also be honoured at the event with the Provost’s Prize for Innovative Practice in Collaborative Teaching and Learning. ASAP is an initiative that offers academic, financial, social and cultural support to first-year Indigenous students in the College of Arts & Science.

The Provost’s Teaching Awards recognize outstanding teaching and classroom innovations by faculty, sessional lecturers or staff across a variety of categories.

Provost’s Teaching Awards Winners

Art Davis

Art Davis
Professor, Department of Biology
Provost’s College Award for Outstanding Teaching (College of Arts & Science: BSc Programs)

“I find that students prefer variety in delivery and that also helps me to gauge student understanding of specific topics. A good sense of humour, as well as showing that instructors are only human, also seem to go a long way toward student enjoyment of a course.”

Allison Muri

Allison Muri
Professor, Department of English
Provost’s College Award for Outstanding Teaching (College of Arts & Science: BA, BMus or BFA Programs)

“Teaching is about working to open new avenues for students to make discoveries, appreciate and articulate ideas, and to expand their views. I have pursued interdisciplinary teaching wherever I can because—ideally—it opens new vistas for students to respond to with creativity and inventiveness.”

Glorie Tebbutt

Glorie Tebbutt
Lecturer, Department of English and Women’s and Gender Studies Program
Sylvia Wallace Sessional Lecturer Award

“Vocation has been defined as ‘the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.’ Teaching brings me ‘deep gladness,’ and I attempt to meet students’ ‘deep need’ for stimulation, learning, engagement, and encouragement.”

David York

David York
Lecturer, Department of Political Studies
Sylvia Wallace Sessional Lecturer Award

“…Teaching has made me an engaged life-long learner. In the classroom, I strive to show students how the academic content that defines the study of politics is relevant to the world around them.”

ASAP graphic

Aboriginal Student Achievement Program team
(Kristina Bidwell, Dirk de Boer, Sandy Bonny, Milo Cameron, Bev Digout, Sarah Gorham, Kayla Goshulak, Jessica Knoop, Shanelle Labach, Jenn Morgan, Lori Pollock, Paul Thompson)
Provost’s Prize for Innovative Practice in Collaborative Teaching and Learning


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