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Northern Studies Courses

Posted on 2017-05-02 in News

Northern Studies

Northern Studies courses offer students the opportunity to learn about the lands, peoples and issues of the circumpolar North with a special emphasis given to matters concerning Indigenous people.

Northern Studies Courses

GEOG 150.3 (formerly NRTH 101.3) Introduction to the Circumpolar World.
Instructors: Peter Goode, Rod Johnson, Bert Weichel

GEOG 351.3 Northern Environments
Instructors: Alec Aitken, Rod Johnson, Bert Weichel

GEOG 352.3 (formerly NRTH 331.3) Contemporary Issues of the Circumpolar World.
Instructor: Stephanie Hellyer-Powell

GEOG 380.3 (formerly NRTH 312.3/BIOL 312.3) Environmental Geography of the Circumpolar North. Instructors: Alec Aitken, Rod Johnson, Bert Weichel

GEOG 381.3 Development in the Canadian North: Issues and Challenges.
Instructor: Peter Goode

Consult the 2017-2018 Course Catalogue for more information about these courses or contact Alec Aitken, Department of Geography & Planning at


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