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Erin Walkey

Erin Walkey
Director of Advancement
Arts 513

I am so fortunate to work in an environment as unique as the College of Arts & Science. Everyday I am surrounded by creative people studying and working across disciplines to make our world a better place. Support from generous donors ensures we can continue to attract the best and the brightest. As a passionate arts lover, I choose to give to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity. Not only does the ICCC embrace all that is magical about the College of Arts & Science, it is helping to shape a culture of creativity, innovation and excellence at the University of Saskatchewan.

Donalda Svarc

Donalda Svarc
Donor Relations Officer
Arts 520

In my past work assisting Departments in the administration of their awards and scholarships, I have had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand the impact that donor support can have on a student’s life. Hearing students express their appreciation in their own words has given me a keen sense of the value of donors in the College of Arts and Science’s mission to foster creativity, curiosity, critical thought and excellence. Students speak of the donor support that they receive as recognition of their hard work, affirmation of their choices, and of giving them the freedom to explore opportunities and pursue their dreams. I feel that creativity and exploration often can be catalysts for intellectual endeavours, so this is why I have chosen to support the Department of Art and Art History, as well as the College of Arts and Science Undergraduate Student Travel competition.

Christine Bobyn

Christine Bobyn
Alumni Engagement Officer
Arts 514

Every day I am inspired by the achievements of our remarkable Arts & Science alumni. Each of our accomplished alumni has had a profound impact on shaping our community and our world.

We want to continue to inspire our alumni with opportunities to grow, learn and connect. We have something for everyone — lifelong learning, public performances, lectures on and off campus, public speaking and mentorship — plus the chance to engage and volunteer with other alumni and students. Wherever you live and work, you will always have a home here in Arts & Science.

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