As an integral part of the U of S, the Drama Department began offering degree studies in 1946. We currently have:

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts Programs

Four-year (B.A. Four-year) - Drama
Three-year (B.A. Three-year) - Drama
Honours (B.A. Honours) - Theatre History
Double Honours Drama and Another Subject

Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs

Area 1: Acting
Area 2: Design

The BA gives you all the advantages of a liberal arts education with a drama and theatre history focus, while the BFA gives you some of the best specialized drama training in acting and design. We also accept Graduate students wishing to expand their exploration of theatre in a Masters environment.

Wîchêhtowin -Aboriginal Theatre Program

Creating new stories for a new generation - 2015/2016 Start Date

The Department of Drama at the University of Saskatchewan is proud to announce an innovative new program of study—first of its kind in Canada— wîcêhtowin: Aboriginal Theatre Program. ATP is a comprehensive and experiential-based learning approach to train emerging First Nations and Métis theatre professionals in the areas of Performance, Theatre Design and Collective Creation. Launching in the fall of 2015, the 30-credit program provides rigorous training in preparation for a career in theatre, television, film and related entertainment industries.   

ATP is a two-year cohort-based program delivered over six consecutive semesters of study. The program culminates in a world premier of a new work; created, designed and performed by the program participants. 

ATP delivers meaningful and principled theatre skills that will provide graduates with the requisite training for success in a creative milieu with expanding employment opportunities. For those ATP graduates interested in continuing their education at the University of Sasktachewan, ATP can be used to ladder into degree programs.

Applications for admission to the inaugural ATP class of 2015-2016 are now invited.

Summary of degree program offerings

For more information contact: 

Carol Greyeyes
wîcêhtowin-Aboriginal Theatre Program
Program Director

Graduate Program

Master's Program

The MA in Drama is available on a special case basis. It is an individually tailored program. Interested students should consult with the Head of the Department.