Advancing knowledge

Established in 1908, the College of Arts & Science is the largest and most diverse college at the University of Saskatchewan. As the oldest college on campus, our enrolment has seen exponential expansion from the 70 students who first attended classes in downtown Saskatoon's Drinkle Building to the nearly 10,000 students we serve today.

With nearly 45 per cent of the total student population at the U of S, we comprise 21 departments and 54 programs. Arts & Science, with our nearly 300 faculty members, provides approximately half of the undergraduate courses offered at the U of S, spanning the humanities, social sciences, sciences and fine arts.

Our college is exceptional in that it is one of only a few in Canada to combine arts and science course offerings under the same roof. This integrated approach provides students with an invaluable, broad and in-depth perspective of the world that enhances their focus on individual disciplines.


The goal of the College of Arts & Science is to be recognized as the most innovative and imaginative centre for arts and science scholarship in Canada.


With its unique disciplinary breadth, the College of Arts & Science exists to stimulate creative and critical thought, foster the joy of discovery and nurture curiosity-driven research. Collectively, we strive to advance the individual, embrace diversity, enrich society and preserve culture while creating a sustainable civil world and natural environment.

Facts & figures

Established: 1908

Enrolment numbers
2015/16 academic year

Undergraduate: 9,009
Graduate: 927
TOTAL: 9,936

International Students: 1,107
Self-Declared Aboriginal Students: 1,108

Degrees granted
May & October 2015 ceremonies

Undergraduate: 1028
Graduate: 161

Departments: 21

Programs offered: 54
Full-time equivalent faculty: 290.9
Full-time equivalent employees: 710.1
Research funding awarded in 2015/16: $16,539,622