Direction to the Gallery

  1. From the Place Riel main parking lot or the main university bus terminal, walk straight through Place Riel Student Centre (past the atms).
  2. Once outside, on your left will be a flight of stairs leading up to a patio with a large rusted steel circular sculpture. The gallery is just inside the doors of this building.  

Load-In Map

  1. Drive North on Campus Drive.
  2. Turn right on Science Place.
  3. Turn into the parking lot on your right, but instead of driving into the lot, drive on the sidewalk parallel to the Science Place Road.
  4. Drive under the skywalk which connects Arts and Thorvaldson.
  5. Follow the paths to the Snelgrove Gallery, being mindful of pedestrians. 

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery Floorplan

3D Gallery Model

SketchUp software by Google is needed