Gwyn Joejio Jing Yu

The Blue Lining

December 5 – December 9, 2022

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Opening Reception on Friday 7-9pm, the artist will be in attendance.

It’s been 2 years since the first plan for this show. Due to the pandemic, the original plan of the show has to be cancelled due to “the procedures.” For the past couple years, artists can still install the show in the gallery. However, barely any guest or audience are allowed to get into the gallery to see the artworks. Till now, I’m presenting my BFA show finally but with totally different perspective. When I look back to my years of university life, it starts from drawing class, to painting class, too much of print making class, and mostly photography class. The artworks that are presenting in the show right now are a selection of pieces all few years apart from each other. What is similar in the work visually, is there is this blue tone, like the silver lining in the cloud, stitches the whole piece together. And that’s why the title of this show is the Blue Lining. To me blue is not the expression of sadness but peace and nature. It's the colour of the sky, the ocean and butterflies. I really enjoy the visual flow of the blue color in all the selected works.

“Unlock” is a creative photoshoot using series of photos to represent the struggle in life can be untangled or unlocked by the person who’s suffering from that. Abstract of this project is to create a scene symbolise to life or events or feeling in people’s mind, and how it progress from beginning to end to achieve being ideally free from trap. This project give me a chance to explore placing lighting with some unique element like milky water and dry ice smoke. It combines natural light with one solid light and reflective umbrella.

Gum prints are series of photos that developed by using the traditional gum bichromate process. Each photo is exposed 3 times and printed with 3 layers of color toner. It took few days to print all the photos in the darkroom, and I love it. The photos are taken during my trips to Italy, Japan and Iceland. I love how the gum print color looks like memories.

“Glitch” is like painting with light, to create the effect of glitched in between dimensions. This project was inspired by series of pinhole camera images produced by Frank Machalowski. The photos feature long-exposure street scenes with characters “ghosting” or blurring. He used many individuals to create this affect by freezing them in place in various positions. His photo series emphasized the idea of time and space bending. This allows the viewer to feel the movement and moment in a single still image. The colour blur or ‘energy’ represents the physical movement between points in a space left over by the subject. The coloured energy is left over as a result of the subject’s experiences in life whether it was positive or negative. The energy itself does not retain a structure and appears blurred. Photography is a two-dimensional documentation of time and space. However, by adding this coloured energy creates another dimension within the still image.

“The Deep Blue” resin painting is 3 layers of resin painting to create the 3D painting effect. The abstract form and shape of blue and black looks like deep in the ocean also deep into the galaxy. “As above so below”

As I’m doing this show two years later, I had a chance to look back to all my works with a more objective eye. Most of the pieces were done with a lot time and effect, also the creative experiment in every project make every piece so unique and a lot emotional connection to me.

Gwyn Joejio Jing Yu, dance with light (Nuit Blanche 2019), 2019. Image courtesy of the artist.
Gwyn Joejio Jing Yu. Image courtesy of the artist.


Jing’s art work is full of experiment of light and techniques. Combination of photography and painting skills, you can find painting with light in still photos, as well as 3 layers of color toner coating on one single photo to develop it to color-photo. Her artwork style is visually enjoyable and sometimes has poetic metaphorical concept. After years of being photographer and graphic designer, she becomes a tattoo artist work in downtown Saskatoon.