Art 230: Video Art and Sound

Listening Station 101

October 4 - October 11, 2022

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

Listening Station 101 is an installation of audio works by students from ART 230: Video Art and Sound I. The students were tasked with creating a sound scape that transports the listener into an emotive environment comprised of contrasting sound textures. These contrasts could be conceptual, auditory, sensorial, or symbolic—for example, a sound space that is both vast and claustrophobic, warm and cool, or violent and calm. Students were encouraged to consider the spatial configuration of the sound to build an immersive environment with the various sound ‘colours’ that they had recorded.

Although there are no visual elements in this installation—this project demonstrates the power of sound in conjuring material, narrative, and sensorial visions and affective responses. Although ephemeral, the sound is anything but invisible, it is rendered full-bodied and resonant.

Deep listening is encouraged.

Instructor: Lisa Birke

Students: Jillian Albers, Hryon Bautro, Elisa Bayles, Dryden Remi Clarke, Aiden Codling, Aldeneil Espanola, Abraham Galman, Ahmad Ghachim, Arden Hernandez, Yee Huang, Darius Kiskotagan, Suyi Liu, Xin Liu, Betubonso (Hervé) Mununu, Evan Olson, Hailey Pankratz, Inalie Portades, Adrian Porter, Reighan Royeras, Sahar Soheili Sadigh, Alexander Sylvestre, Delainey Tait, Nicolas Vera, Quynh Vien, Aljo Villanueva, Emmanuel Wani, Aiden Woodhouse, and Siqi Zhang