The Snelgrove Salon: Part II

From the Collection of the University of Saskatchewan's Art & Art History Collection

July 12 - July 16, 2021 

Gordon Snelgrove Art Collection

The Snelgrove Salon is the exhibition portion of a larger research creation project with the aim of implementing a sustainable practice for the continued preservation, maintenance, and growth of the University of Saskatchewan’s Art & Art History Collection. This past summer, the Art & Art History Collection began its shift to a digital platform through the Gordon Snelgrove’s online database. An ongoing project, The Snelgrove Salon: Part I, is the first iteration of a multi-part, salon-style exhibition, documentation, and oral history project, that celebrates the collection as it transitions to its new digital form.

Containing artwork dating as far back as 1946, the Art & Art History Collection has acquired over 700 pieces since. Largely comprised of artwork created by students and local artists, the collection is inherently rooted in pedagogy, community and their intertwined histories. These histories are reflective of Treaty 6, Saskatoon, and the University of Saskatchewan.

The salon-style hanging of The Snelgrove Salon has allowed for more of the collection to be experienced at once than ever before; it has offered the opportunity to acknowledge the interconnected nature of this body of work, as well as the larger histories it is part of. While looking back and ruminating on these stories, the recontextualization of the individual pieces into a body of work, has revealed new connections between artworks, people and the stories that forge our community.  

On the walls of The Snelgrove Salon, the Art & Art History Collection is not only celebrated, but revitalized to bring about (re)imagined narratives and animate possibilities for new publics to engage with the works.

Works from the Art & Art History Collection



Works from the Art & Art History Collection



Collection by Allison Shelling



Anahita Akhavanmoghaddam | Chris Allen | Diane Anderson | Eve Barbeau | Anne Bastians | Darren Bertrand | Todd Blackman | Michelle Bowden | Jeanette Bowes | Mackenzie Browning | Rachel Broussard  | Bev Caldwell | Linda Carson | Heather M. Cline | Shaun De Rooy | Megan Dickie | Shona Dietz | James Feuring | Alain Francoeur | Kaitlynn Frolek | Rachel Dawn Funk | Veronica Gamarcy | Tatyana Ava Gershuni | Jason Gress | Larry Gusaas | Alexa Hainsworth | Menno Hurbregtse | Arkin Iliclai | Caroline James | Kiyoko Kata | Mary Kavanagh | Marcel Kerkhoff | Bryan John Lane | Norma Lang | William Lee | Lorie Lee-Knight | Naomi Lepage | Maria Lezon | Ray Lodeon | Jeanette Loeden | Aimee-Beth F. Martens | Grant McConnell | Orlanda Mckay | Randall. S. McKnight | Carolyn Meili | Tara Mitchell | Susan Montabetti | Levi Nicholat | Pamela Ollenberger | Wayne Palchinski | Warren Peterson | Steven Rayner | Rick Rivet | Jesse Sadlowski | Amira Saleh | Allison Shelling | Ania Slusarczyk | Tegan Smith | Fay St. Marie | Maia Stark | Edward Van Vilet | Keith Whitcher | Corinna Wollf | Shauna Woolery | Linda Young

Salon Layout