Art 298.3

Creative Chinese Ink Painting

June 10th - June 14th 2020

Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

In this class, students were given a historical overview of Chinese ink painting with demonstrations and special presentations to give an understanding of this distinctive genre that has such a rich visual language. Through learning and practicing specific techniques, students have developed their own unique visual expressions. This exhibition is a testament to their accomplishments.

Shawn Zheng: Instructor

After completing his Master's Degree in Chinese Painting in 1986, Mr. Zheng was appointed Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Fujian Teacher’s University before immigrating to Canada in 1989 where he continues to paint and teach.


Faith Biem, Jingyi Chen, Yu Gao, Shane Goldie, Harry Hu, Tingchao Li, Xufeng Lin, Sohmer MacDonald, Xiao Peng, Katherine Roy-Chovin, Jordan Sasakamoose, Qiyue Su, Yu Su (Susie), Kei Tanaka, He Wang, Yizhou Wang, Yuqing Xia, Shiyu Xie, Xianyu Xiong, Irene Xu, Jenny (Jingyi) Yu, Ming Zhang, Sherry Zhang, Raymonda Zheng, Wanyu Zhu

Wanyu Zhu
Raymonda Zheng
Harry Hu