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Biology today is the study of all living organisms and their relationships and interactions with other living organisms. Different biologists study different elements of Biology: genetics, cell biology, physiology, ecology, population biology, limnology, toxicology, conservation, behaviour, parasitology, development, etc. All of these learning and career opportunities are available to students in the Department of Biology at the University of Saskatchewan. We have lectures to lay down the ground rules, laboratories to get your hands busy and field trips to get your feet wet! Additional options within your program can include courses from agriculture, commerce, environmental science, toxicology and paleobiology.

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CSEE Science Outreach Day
posted May 5, 2015
Join the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution for a day of public science activities on Saturday, May 23 on the U of S campus! Activities for kids include science skills and games (species...

Cota-Sanchez, Longman, Lovrod receive Provost's Awards
posted April 28, 2015
Three faculty members of the College of Arts & Science have been chosen for 2015 Provost’s Awards. The Provost’s Awards recognize outstanding teaching across the University of...

Northern flicker males fly further to recharge over winter
posted December 17, 2014
By Michael Robin For northern flicker dads, a hard summer looking after the chicks means flying a bit farther south than mom, likely to ensure good winter feeding to bulk up for the next year...

"Smell camouflage" protects fish from predators
posted December 10, 2014
The coral-eating harlequin filefish disguises its smell to hide from predators. Photo credit: Tane Sinclair-Taylor. ...

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