Useful Links for Undergraduates

Below are a list of helpful links as you navigate your way through your undergraduate degree

Undergraduate Academic Advising

The Sociology Department provides student advising on a drop-in basis every March/April. A schedule for the current years advising will be posted early March.

Prior to meeting with a faculty member, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Be familiar with your Degree Works, as this is what you'll be working with when meeting with a faculty member. If you have questions about the degree program requirements for a BA 3-Year, BA 4-Year, and BA 4-Year Honours, please click here
  • Have specific questions ready for your faculty member and don't hesitate to email these questions prior to the meeting! The benefit to this is that it gives the faculty member a chance to look up materials that they can prepare for your advising meeting
  • If you have questions about a specific class in the department, look over the description of it in the Course and Programs Catalogue first. If this still does not answer your question, send an email to the faculty member who is best suited to answer. Example: If your question is directed about the benefits of taking a criminology focused class over a health focused class, you would want to talk to a faculty member whose research area is criminology and/or health
  • If your questions are related to having the correct courses and credit units, specifically for graduating, please set up an advising meeting with Arts & Science Undergraduate Advisors


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