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2021-22 Sociology Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA) Executive




Luna Johnson

Fourth year honours student in sociology with a minor in history

SUSA duties entail coordinating meetings, events and activities, and overseeing all operations of SUSA.

Recommended courses:

  • Sociology 200 - Surveillance and Society
  • Sociology 238 - Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare


Vice President

Jenna Retzlaff

Fifth-Year Honours student in Sociology with a minor in Crime, Law, and Justice Studies and a Certificate in Criminology and Addictions. 

SUSA duties entail working with the president to ensure that SUSA runs smoothly and fulfilling presidential duties when needed. 

Recommended courses: 

  • Sociology 347 - Sociology and Addictions 
  • Sociology 303 - History of Sociological Theory


Communications Director

Leah Houseman

Fourth-year Honours student in sociology, BA in Political Studies with a minor in Crime, Law and Justice Studies 

SUSA duties entail handling internal emails with SUSA members and assisting with external communication with other associations, businesses, or faculty. 

Recommended courses: 

  • SOC 329 – Penology and Corrections 
  • SOC 325 – Applied Quantitative Research in Sociology


Media Coordinator

Kennedy Culbertson

Fifth year honours student in sociology. 

SUSA duties entail managing social media accounts, planning events, and student outreach. 

Recommended courses: 

  • SOC 221 – Families, Gender Relations, and Social Inequality 
  • SOC 225 – An introduction to Survey Research and Data Analysis in Sociology


Devin Pratchler

Fifth year honours student in sociology

SUSA duties entail recording meeting minutes and distributing notes and information.

Recommended courses:

  • Soc 284 - Surveillance and Society
  • Soc 347 - Studies in Addictions

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