The Sorokin Lectures

Upcoming Lecture

The 52nd Annual Sorokin Lecture  Will be held on February 9, 2023 at 7:00pm in Arts 241, presenter Dr. Valerie Steeves, Univeristy of Ottawa. Title : Teens at the Crash Site: How Surveillance Captialism and Networked Tools are Changing Child Rights.



Due to unforeseen circumstances this years 52nd Annual Sorokin Lecture has been cancelled. 



On Campus News Magazine- Sorokin collection a tribute to a world-renowned sociologist


In 1968, the University of Saskatchewan obtained part of the personal library of Professor Pitirim A. Sorokin. The materials included letters, notebooks, photographs, books, original and revised manuscripts, his works in all other translations, and book reviews. As part of the arrangement for receiving this unique research resource, the University of Saskatchewan agreed to hold an annual lecture in Professor Sorokin's honour. Since that time the Sorokin Lecture has been part of the University of Saskatchewan lecture series. The Department of Sociology has had the responsibility for organizing this lecture series since its inception. Most Sorokin lectures have been published by the University and can be purchased from the Department of Sociology. The availability of this collection has made it possible for researchers to visit the campus to use the collection.

The Sorokin Lecture Series:

  • David Lyon, 2020. Surveillance: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow From Occasional Encounters to Constant Immersion. No. 51 (delivered February 6, 2020)
  • Rima Wilkes, 2019.  A Professor Goes Internet Dating- and Learns About entitlement and Sexual Market Value. No 50 (delivered February 7, 2019).
  • Ted Hewitt, 2018. Sociology in 21st Century Canada: Is it Still Relevant? Sorokin Lectures No 49 (delivered January 25, 2018).
  • Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, 2017. It Takes a Community to Quell an Epidemic: A Sociological Approach to AIDS. Sorokin Lectures No. 48 (delivered March 2, 2017).
  • William Carroll, 2016. Expose, Oppose, Propose: Cognitive Praxis in the Struggle for Global JusticeSorokin Lectures No. 47 (delivered February 4, 2016).
  • Lesley Wood, 2015. World on Fire: Waves of Protest and Transforming Communities. Sorokin Lectures No. 46 (delivered February 5, 2015).
  • Neil McLaughlin, 2014. Public Intellectuals, Public Academics and the Crisis of the Research University. Sorokin Lectures No. 45, not published (delivered February 6, 2014).
  • Rick Helmes-Hayes, 2013. 'The Perfect Sociology, Perfectly Applied': Sociology and the Social Gospel in Canada's English-Language Universities, 1900-1930. Sorokin Lectures No. 44 (delivered February 7, 2013).
  • Min Zhou, 2012. Asians in America: The Paradox of 'The Model Minority' and 'The Perpetual Foreigner'. Sorokin Lectures No. 43 (delivered February 9, 2012).
  • Andrea Doucet, 2011. Breadwinning Mothers and Caregiving Fathers: A Quiet Revolution, A Resilient Problem, and One Persistent Puzzle. Sorokin Lectures No. 42 (delivered March 31, 2011).
  • Yanjie Bian, 2010. The Increasing Significance of Guanxi in China's Transitional Economy. Sorokin Lectures No. 41 (delivered January 29, 2010).
  • Peter Jarvis, 2009. The End of a Sensate Age - What Next? Sorokin Lectures No. 40 (delivered March 27, 2009).
  • Duane Champagne, 2008. The Indigenous Peoples' Movement: Theory, Policy, and Practice. Sorokin Lectures No. 39 (delivered March 13, 2008).
  • Suzan Ilcan, 2007. Privatizing Responsibility in a Globalizing Era. Sorokin Lectures No. 38 (delivered March 29, 2007).
  • Michael Mann, 2006. American Empires: Past and Present. Sorokin Lectures No. 37 (delivered February 23, 2006).
  • John Hall, 2005. How Homogenous Must We Be? Reflections on the Theory of Nationalism. Sorokin Lectures No. 36 (delivered January 27, 2005).
  • Craig Calhoun, 2004. A World of Emergencies: Fear, Intervention, and the Limits of Cosmopolitan Order. Sorokin Lectures No. 35 (delivered March 4, 2004).
  • Monica Boyd, 2003. Tuesday's or Thursday's Child? The Life Chances of Immigrant Offspring. Sorokin Lectures No. 34 (delivered March 6, 2003).
  • Carl Cuneo, 2002. Globalized and Localized Digital Divides along the Information Highway: A Fragile Synthesis across Bridges, Ramps, Cloverleaves, and Ladders. Sorokin Lectures No. 33 (delivered January 31, 2002).
  • Meg Luxton, 2001. Family Responsibilities: The Politics of Love and Care. Sorokin Lectures No. 32 (delivered February 1, 2001).
  • Harvey Krahn, 2000. Social Mobility and Constructed Biographies in an Age of Uncertainty. Sorokin Lectures No. 31 (delivered February 3, 2000).
  • Marc Renaud, 1999. The Universities of the Future: From the Ivory Tower to the Market Square. Sorokin Lectures No. 30 (delivered February 4, 1999).
  • Stephen Richer, 1998. Explorations in Participatory Research: Towards Equality in the Production of Knowledge. Sorokin Lectures No. 29 (delivered January 29, 1998).
  • Pat Armstrong, 1997. Fads and Foibles in Modern Health Care. Sorokin Lectures No. 28 (delivered February 6th, 1997).
  • David W. Livingstone, 1996. 'Post-Industrial' Dynamics: Economic Restructuring, Underemployment, and Lifelong Learning in the Information Age. Sorokin Lectures No. 27 (delivered February 1, 1996).
  • Roy T. Bowles, 1995. Small Communities in Non-Metropolitian Canada: Some Sociological Reflections. Sorokin Lectures No. 26 (delivered February 2, 1995).
  • Danielle Juteau, 1994. Changing Forms of Nation-ness in the Canadian Context: The Quebec Case. Sorokin Lectures No. 25 (delivered January 18, 1994).
  • Neil Boyd, 1993. High Society: The Contradictions of Drug Control in Canada. Sorokin Lectures No. 24 (delivered January 19, 1993).
  • Susan A. McDaniel, 1992. Life Rhythms and Caring: Aging, Family and the State. Sorokin Lectures No. 23 (delivered January 28, 1992).
  • Lynn McDonald, 1991. Sociology as Science, History and Literature. Sorokin Lectures No. 22 (delivered January 29, 1991).
  • Peter R. Sinclair, 1990. Poor Regions, Poor Theory: Toward Improved Understanding of Regional Inequality. Sorokin Lectures No. 21 (delivered January 25, 1990).
  • Lorna Marsden, 1989. Sorokin's Dilemma: Sociology and Public Policy Development. Sorokin Lectures No. 20 (delivered January 26, 1989).
  • Thelma McCormack, 1988. Peace and Democracy: Does Sociology have Anything to Contribute? Sorokin Lectures No. 19 (delivered January 28, 1988).
  • Peta Tancred-Sheriff, 1987. Organizational Tendencies of Canadian Universities: Nature & Implications. Sorokin Lectures No. 18 (delivered January 22, 1987).
  • Wallace Clement, 1986. Does Class Matter? Accounting for the Direction of Canadian Society. Sorokin Lectures No. 17 (delivered January 30, 1986).
  • John D. Jackson, 1985. Culture Integration and Culture Unity - A Dark Problem: A Comment on the Ambiguity of Canadian Culture. Sorokin Lectures No. 16 (delivered January 24, 1985).
  • James S. Frideres, 1984. The Canadian North: Dependency or Development. Sorokin Lectures No. 15 (delivered January 24, 1984).
  • Bernard Blishen, 1983. The Development of a Western Regional Consciousness. Sorokin Lectures No. 14 (delivered February 1, 1983).
  • M. Patricia Marchak, 1982. Ideology and Industrial Development. Sorokin Lectures No. 13 (delivered February 11, 1982).
  • Dorothy E. Smith, 1981. The Experienced World as Problematic: A Feminist Method. Sorokin Lectures No. 12 (delivered January 28, 1981).
  • Lorne Tepperman, 1980. Did Canada Have a Future? Sorokin's Prophecies Re-examined. Sorokin Lectures No. 11 (delivered January 23, 1980).
  • James N. McCrorie, 1979. Changing Times: Relevant Theory. Sorokin Lectures No. 10 (delivered January 10, 1979).
  • Marcel Rioux, 1978. Sociology in an Age of Transition: In Quebec and in the Advanced Industrial Society. Sorokin Lectures No. 9, not published (delivered January, 1978).
  • Richard E. DuWors, 1977. Sorokin, Sociology, and the Obdurate Facts of Social Persistence. Sorokin Lectures No. 8 (delivered January, 1977).
  • Elena Sorokin, 1974. My Life with Pitirim Sorokin. Sorokin Lectures No. 7 (delivered March 12, 1974).
  • Marion J. Levy, 1971. Family Structures: Some Universals, Some Radical Recent Changes. Sorokin Lectures No. 6, not published (delivered March 25, 1971).
  • S.D. Clark, 1976. The Canadian Society and the Issue of Multi-culturalism. Sorokin Lectures No. 5 (delivered January 27, 1976).
  • Immanuel Wallerstein, 1975. Old Problems and New Syntheses: The Relation of Revolutionary Ideas and Practices. Sorokin Lectures No. 4 (delivered February 27, 1975).
  • Kurt H. Wolff, 1972. Surrender and Catch: A Palimpsest Story. Sorokin Lectures No. 3 (delivered November 26, 1971).
  • Arthur K. Davis, 1970. The Present as Tragedy. Sorokin Lectures No. 2 (delivered October 30, 1969).
  • Carle C. Zimmerman, 1968. Sorokin, The World's Greatest Sociologist. Sorokin Lectures No. 1 (delivered October, 1968).