Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies

About the Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies

The Journal of Indo-Judaic Studies is an annual academic journal dedicated to analyzing the affinities and interactions between Indic and Judaic civilizations from ancient through contemporary times. It is produced in collaboration between the Departments of Religion and Culture at the University of Saskatchewan and Florida International University.You can view the table of contents for past issues on line.


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Each Issue of the JIJS features:

  • New scholarly research into areas that include comparative studies of Judaism and the religions of India, with attention to implications for the field of Religion and Culture; historical studies of the cultural and commercial links between India and Israel; social scientific studies of Jewish communities in India and Indian communities in Israel; comparative Diaspora studies of Jewish and Indian communities, especially in North America; literature studies, including analyses of images of India in Jewish writing and images of Jews and Judaism in Indian writing; political science studies of diplomacy between India and Israel; and approaches to secularism vs. traditionalism in contemporary Indian and Israeli politics.
  • Translations of primary documents such as the Urdu hagiography of Said Sarmad, or Hebrew travelers' accounts by Reinman, Saphir and Hillel, or Pierre Loti's French descriptions of Cochin's Jew Town, or such "philo-Semitic" writings as Jamyang Norbu's Tibetan History of Israel.
  • Translations of modern scholarship in Hebrew, Yiddish, Hindi, and other languages.
  • Inter-religious/inter-ethnic dialogues, including theoretical aspects of dialogue as well as "dialogical statements."
  • Book reviews.


Nathan Katz . Department of Religion and Culture. Florida International Univ.
Professor Braj Mohan Sinha . Department of Religion and Culture. University of Saskatchewan

Editorial Advisory Board

S. R. Bhatt (Delhi University), David R. Blumenthal (Emory University), Shlomo Deshen (Tel-Aviv University), T. S. Devadoss (University of Madras), Daniel J. Elazar (Bar-Ilan University), Arthur Green (Brandeis University), Blu Greenberg (Riverdale, NY), Barbara A. Holdrege (University of California, Santa Barbara), Alan Mittleman (Muhlenberg College), Paul Morris (Victoria University of Wellington), Anantanand Rambachan (St. Olaf College), Joan G. Roland (Pace University), L. N. Sharma (Benares Hindu University, Emeritus), Frank Joseph Shulman (University of Maryland), M. L. Sondhi (Jawaharlal Nehru University), D. Venkateswarlu (Osmania University), Shalva Weil (Hebrew University), Bibhuti S. Yadav (Temple University).