M.A. in Religion and Culture

The Department represents one of the core Humanities departments at the University of Saskatchewan, providing undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to explore the world's religions through various interdisciplinary perspectives. Our course offerings demonstrate this breadth of perspectives, which range from focused explorations of particular religious traditions (e.g., Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity) to cross-cultural comparisons of religious views on such topics as leadership, non-violence, ecology, and death.

Reserach Areas

The Department of Religion and Culture is made up of a multidisciplinary group of faculty with expertise in Religion and Culture, Anthropology, Linguistics and Archaeology, with particular strengths in the following research areas:

Jewish and Christian Origins and Contemporary Contexts

This area of research concentration provides an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of the origins, development of, and cultural impact of Judaism and Christianity, from their beginnings in ancient Israel to the parallel developments of rabbinic Judaism and emergent Christianity to Late Antiquity. Students with interests in the western religions, especially Judaism, Christianity, and aspects of Islam, may also undertake research into the cultural contexts within which the textual traditions of these religions developed, and continue to change today.

Asian Texts and Contexts

Students opting for this area of concentration will apply an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of religions in South Asia and East Asia with focused research into the cultural context within which the textual traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese (Daoism, Confucianism), and Japanese religions developed and continue to thrive today.

Culture, Tradition and Society

This area of concentration offers students an opportunity to examine other ways of reflective and/or spiritual engagement in the world that may lie outside of the traditionally defined religious practices. This stream is designed to accommodate students interested in the study of spirituality in its intersections with popular culture, folklore, ritual, language and communication, oral history and storytelling, diasporic and transnational contexts. In addition to South Asian, East Asian, Western and Canadian studies, students can also pursue research in the areas of Eastern European, Ukrainian and Russian studies.

Application information

All applicants must have a B.A. Honours or equivalent with an average of 70% or above in the last 60 credit units of their program. To apply, go to http://grad.usask.ca/programs/religion-culture.php

For information about applying to the graduate program, please see Guidelines for MA Applicants and provide this link http://artsandscience.usask.ca/religiousstudies/graduates/guidelines.php.


M.A. students may apply for graduate scholarships available through the University of Saskatchewan.


  • 15 CUs of coursework,
  • CGSR 960 & RLST 990 Seminar,
  • as well as a 100-150 page thesis project.
  • Additional study in relevant languages may be required by the Department.

Faculty Resources


Graduate Chair
Christopher Hrynkow